Mary Krimbo!

I started a cold yesterday evening. It had been creeping up on me for a couple of days but I was trying to ignore it without success. It’s just a cold so I’m likely to survive. I felt a little grotty when I woke up but at least I’d had an unbroken night other than the need to get up for other, important reasons during the night.

It had been raining and the decking proved this. Skinny, who’s had itchy feet for some days, spent the night out with Isabella under the awning. He’d been driving us all crazy for most of the evening. The couple with the baby and the dog have been here for around two weeks and their dog is in season. All the other male dogs in the pack have been neutered except Skinny. Being a teenager his sole preoccupation was to get to this bitch. I put him on a shorter line as I’d found him sitting on top of the 2m wooden fence earlier. Unable to go over due to the line but unenthusiastic about coming back. My enjoyment of ‘Our Man in Havana’ was slightly impaired due to his fussing.

The walk was not one of the most pleasant I’ve attended as I was not feeling at my best. We completed our circuits and then it started to rain slightly so I gathered up the dogs and we headed back to the camping. The rain began as we got into the van so that was lucky. I was not up for running in the cold and the rain whilst feeling grotty so I had a cup of tea instead. When it got light, I fed the cats and checked that the boiler was heating the water. I then had a leisurely hot shower which was most invigorating.

Breakfast was accompanied by sunshine so I took the opportunity to engage in some restorative sleep and relaxation. The day was to be punctuated by sun/shower/sun/thunderstorm/sun etc. I managed to take Isabella out in the afternoon as the weather settled down a little.

Small Dog with stick

Whilst walking out onto the beach I noticed the couple had left completely. I’d seen their van go out of the camping earlier and was surprised to see their canoe on the roof. I assumed they were just going out for the day but their departure appears permanent. They’d said they planned to stay around for a while and talked about renting T3 for family over the next two months. They’d asked for the camping address as they needed to have things sent to them too. Strange that they should just leave without saying anything. Perhaps I’ll receive an email later. At least, if they’ve gone, Skinny will be a little more chilled. I have just replied to their email. They’ve moved to the east of Paleochora as they were finding it too windy by the beach.

It’s nearly 17:00 so I need to take the dogs for a walk as it would be nice not to have to come back in the dark so I think I’ll make a move. Isabella is conked out on the floor nearby but I feel certain she will be rejuvenated and spring to action as soon as I get up from this chair. I need to walk more as I didn’t run earlier so have a deficit.

The Evening Walk was intensive as it was cold and windy with dark clouds overhead. I didn’t fancy being caught out so chivvied the dogs along so we could be back before dark and before any rain. They’ve had their Christmas Dinner and are ready to go inside the van where I left the heater on before we went out so it’s nice and warm.

My supper is in the Pot but that may be a while yet.

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