Skinny goes walkabout

I didn’t feel quite so grotty this morning as yesterday however my cold is still definitely present and I’m coughing well. We were out as normal under the stars as it is a new moon which rises with the sun. The dogs were quite excited still but then I put that down to the fact that the other dog had gone only recently. Isabella wore herself and the others out by constantly ragging with them. She seems to have been asleep for most of the day.

After our run, I decided to take Skinny down to where the couple with the dog were on the camping to show him that they are no longer here. I hoped that this might help to settle him down a little as he’s been quite annoying. Adolescents and girls! I then let him off the lead so he could run around with IZO who is guarding Peter’s possessions from the comfort of a chair. Skinny pottered around at the end of the Promontory for a while then came back to the camping. I should have grabbed him when I had the chance but hoped he’d follow me up back to the van.

A little later, I received an email from the couple with the dog to say that Skinny was on their verandah in search of his girlfriend. I understood they moved to somewhere in Palecohora but had only gone to an apartment about 500m away on AlonĂ¡ki Beach. They said they’d drop him back to the camping when they took their dog for a walk next.

Maria appeared to ask for the keys to the reception as she’d forgotten hers and said that she would come back again later. I finish my breakfast then enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun and possibly drifted off for a short while. I could see a car in the reception camera so guessed it was her. We had a chat and then I got a call to say that Skinny was waiting at the lower part of the camping. He was at an enhanced level of excitement. I took him up to see Maria then back to the van where he’s on his line with two collars. I understand the couple and their dog will be around for a month or two but at least her season will have passed. Skinny is on the list for a visit to the vet.

Other than that, it’s been a calm day although I found time to fix up the additional camera at reception. The connection got water in it during a previous deluge so I had to take it down to clean it up. It is now back in position and I have sealed the connection against water ingress.

The camping now has only three customers so it’s a bit quiet. The woman who said she was coming on Friday is now coming on 5/6 January for a couple of weeks. I couldn’t think of a worse time to be camping in Crete!

Maria mentioned that I would have been invited to dine with them yesterday however they didn’t think I’d wish to come as I was so grotty. I would have declined their invitation anyway.

Boxing Day draws to an end with the Evening Walk complete and the dogs stuffing their faces nearby. In an attempt to say ahead of the game, I prepared my supper before taking out the dogs and left it in the Pot on the timer. The aroma of the meal lingers in the air as I write. Better than yesterday when I had the food all prepared and sitting in the Pot but was distracted at a crucial moment so forgot to put on the lid and set it going. My ‘Christmas Dinner’ was later than intended.

Skinny is still driving us mad with his stressy, hormone-induced behaviour and is like to incur my wrath if he continues.

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