Syrian refugees

My night was interrupted twice due to Skinny and his love-affair. I brought him inside later in the evening and then he started to whine at bedtime. Eventually, I got up and tied him to his line outside. I was later woken by him whining as he’d managed to get himself tied around one of the metal posts so was out in the cold. I brought him in, tied him to the line I usually use for Luis and went back to bed having released Isabella who was in need of a pee. She was allowed to park herself on my chair for the remainder of the night. Skinny was, fortunately, silent.

I felt less rough when I prised myself from my pit at 05:00. We walked, did the rocks then returned with a full complement to the camping. I’d decided to give my bedding a Happy New Year wash so added it to some other washing and loaded the machine. Naturally, I’d fed all the various cats first! The boiler was working so Skinny and I went for a trot. As we passed Vlisidis supermarket there seemed to be a number of people waiting for work but fewer when I passed by on the way back. My humour was not all that great due to a disturbed night and having a cold so Skinny was not my favourite dog!

I was on my way to the shower when I was intercepted by two young gentlemen who, it transpired, were in search of accommodation. I smiled weakly knowing that Georgia was not entertaining the idea of accommodating any Albanians this year although she told me she’d like the money due to the hefty medical expenses for her mother. I was less than enthusiastic to see someone in front of me before my shower and breakfast. The guy who did all the talking assured me he was Syrian and not Albanian and that he spoke good English but no Greek. He said he was a refugee as were the other two making up their party. They were renting in Paleochora but were finding it difficult to get to Kountoura early enough to get work, presumably because they were walking from their accommodation in Paleochora to Kountoura. I explained that I felt it unlikely Georgia would accept them, despite not being Albanians. I said I was sympathetic to their situation so would do what I could to assist. He was a little surprised at my attitude but I said I had a good idea of their problems from the media. I then went on to explain that I was aware they were there as a last resort having given up their job/home/family/property and friends to travel across Turkey, a dangerous location for refugees, to get to Greece. He seemed surprised at my reply but I explained that, unlike most others, I can see things from a different perspective. I said I’d talk to Maria, who’d talk to Georgia and I’d get back in touch with him once I knew more. He and his Egyptian friend then left.

Shortly after my shower, I bumped into Maria who needed the key to the office desk for some papers. I explained the situation and she was also sympathetic. Georgia was initially unenthusiastic however Maria can be quite manipulative when required. The room that would most suit these guys is currently occupied by Manolis and Lisa as their caravan is currently uninhabitable during the works. They are already miffed at being turfed out of their comfy accommodation so Georgia is anxious not to pressurise them further and move them out to another room.

I went to get my breakfast but was called away by Xanthippos asking for yet more wall plugs. Why the camping cannot buy the necessary stuff, I do not know? I gave him plugs then went in search of Isabella who’d gone to visit the Finns where she is sure of a treat. Talking to Kirsti, I now know they have quite sizeable bears in Finnland!

I finally ate my breakfast and enjoyed the morning whilst tending to my washing which was drying slowly. I sent a text to Zaher the Syrian to update progress then called him later as he cannot text me back. He said he might visit the camping later with a Swiss friend who has been helping them.

The rest of the day included some gentle tidying, bed making and being snotty. Later, Zaher arrived in the camping and I took him on a visit of the facilities. Shortly after he and his Swiss friend departed, I received a call from Maria to tell me that Georgia had decided they could have a room from January 1. I’ve yet to receive a response from my man.

It was time to take the dogs on the evening walk as it was getting dark. I was distracted due to Terry’s laptop which has a fussy trackpad. I discovered it had loads of outstanding updates so set it going to do these.

The sky looked very dark during the walk so we didn’t hang about. Not long after we were back at the camping it started to rain so I dashed out to take down the last of my washing and close up the tent. It was only a shower but still very wet!

My feet are cold, my supper is cooked, so I’m off to eat it.


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