Horrid, horrid weather!

Fido appears to have some gastric problems necessitating his frequent visits to the outside. Considering the weather, I can see no other reason for him to get me out of bed twice in the night. The second trip included the return of the glowing ball which caused me some amusement. It was still blowing hard and raining at 05:00 so I required no persuasion to remain in my pit to fall asleep for another hour. We went out at 06:15 just as it began to rain. To begin with, the rain was very light then it intensified to my great annoyance. The rain was too persistent to stay out any longer so we returned to the camping. I made some tea and started to prepare my breakfast. The dogs were all in the van as it was cold outside. It wasn’t very warm inside for that matter.

Gradually, the rain began to clear and the sun broke through. It was still very windy with rain blowing over the mountains to produce double rainbows. This is a phenomenon I’ve experienced most winters. The guys from the Netherlands were not up with the lark so I decided to go and visit them after breakfast.

I had plenty of good intentions after breakfast but instead took Fido and Isabella for a walk. I needed to make up for the lack of walking earlier and the rain had now stopped and the sun was shining. It was still windy though. I bumped into the Dutch couple who’d emerged by now and were considering their options. They needed to eat something so I continued with my walk. Later, I gave them some excursion options and took their money. They went off later to play nicely together.

Xanthippos came to tell me it was cold and windy and that he planned to take Georgia’s dogs out and go home. I fixed up the fan heater for the Dutch putting in a meter to record their power usage. They said they were planning to go to Gialiskari and Anydri but they don’t seem to have a plan. They are from Iran and are reading for a PhD in the Netherlands. They’ve not long been there so will remain for the next few years at least. They have Dutch ID so I suspect they are much better off than most Iranians.

I took Fido and Isabella out with Fabian, the German guy with the dog called Jasper. We walked the Promontory and then I came back and took all the others. I’d intended to go out on my bike earlier however that slot was taken up sorting out a database problem for Mr Lawrence. He spent some while describing his recent trip to Switzerland with his mother. He couldn’t get over how expensive everything is over there.

The day started off miserably but improved as it went on. Tomorrow is not forecast to be that exciting however Wednesday is looking better.


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