New arrivals

It was raining all through the night but had stopped by 05:00. I looked at the hourly forecast and could see more rain for 06:00 so hesitated before getting out of bed. None of the dogs was moving so I certainly wasn’t in a rush. The rain started gently before increasing to a steady pace. I could not see the point in getting up to sit in the cold so went back to sleep. We finally arose around 07:45 when the crew were getting fidgety. It was still showery but there were things to be done. I went off to check the hot water to find the temperature at 20℃, a bit too chilly for a shower. The boiler had a fault so I turned on the electric heater and sent a message to Georgia. I fed the cats then thought about feeding myself. I made breakfast then put it in the Pot to cook.

Georgia phoned to say the boiler man would arrive at 14:00 which in Greek means sometime in the afternoon. A new customer arrived, checked out the camping before going into Paleochora for some errands. He returned later and is now between Fabian, who is leaving tomorrow and Peter. He was told Georgia’s dogs might possibly be a little noisy. Zaher arrived with his two compatriots to move into their room. He’d sent me a message which I hadn’t received for some reason. I got on with sorting them out and getting them to move the beds and fridges, broken or otherwise. The boiler man arrived so I went to let him in. How he drove past me as I was around reception, I know not. He didn’t manage to fix the boiler so we’re back to the electric heater which I have to switch on and off at the appropriate times. Manolis wanted help sliding a roof panel under another so I went to help him next and perched on his roof pressing down whilst he bashed the other end with a wooden block and a hammer. The frustrated boiler man left so I went back to the new arrivals. They have very little, including cutlery etc, so I spent time finding odds and ends. There are pans lurking around the kitchen.

I finally caught up with the German guy and took his money as well as that of Fabian who says he will return next month at some point. The dogs were due for a walk for the first time since yesterday morning as there was no walk last night due to the rain. They had plenty of energy so we completed a few circuits together before returning to the camping. Someone has decided to close the ‘gate’ from the field which complicated matters until I came up with another solution.

In between all this, I spoke to Simon and fixed some other IT problems. The rest of the day I’ll have off as my cold is still snotty and sneezy, like the dwarf. I’m going to get all the dogs in and chill whilst my food cooks.


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