Getting warmer

Early rain postponed play until around 07:15 when I got out of bed to feed the cats and turn on the water heater. It was not an entirely dry walk as fine rain was blowing over the mountains in the northerly wind. Time was also not on our side as others come to exercise their dogs around 09:00. We were just a little soggy when we got back.

My next activity was breakfast which I quickly got on the go. The morning brightened up and it began to get warm under the awning. There were still spells of light rain as the clouds advanced over the mountains to the north. I was occupied with an annoying popup problem on Mr Lawrence’s computer as well as scanning for viruses and other malware. The only other candidates for IT support were EG and Inter Sport.

I went for a little bike ride to Krios in the early afternoon since the Early Walk hadn’t been as long as is usual. The nice tarmacked road was washed away during a previous rainstorm but now there is an even larger section missing which is bisected by a stream which I needed to cross to reach the car park. The bike battery was struggling due to the cold and at the end of its charge so I didn’t explore any steep slopes today. I actually pedalled my way back for the last 500m or so.

The afternoon was warm and sunny with a high of 12.2℃ or over 20℃ under the awning. I saw the dogs actually panting at one point!

I took Fido and Isabella for a spin around the Promontory as she’d had little exercise the previous day and needed to run about a little. She’s struggling a little with her operation wound today so is not as bouncy as usual.

After a quick cup of tea, I took all of the dogs on the Evening Walk where we crossed the rocks in the chilly northerly wind. I shall be glad when the weather warms up a little which it’s forecast to do.

Things may be better tomorrow…


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