Bumpy night

The northerly wind was still blowing as we got up and went for our walk this morning. It was extremely blowy during the night with gusts to 72km/h. The van was jiggling about and there was a lot of noise from the tent sides outside. I was woken up so loud was the noise of the wind and associated racket.

The walk was uneventful other than meeting the guy who was on the camping and now moved to the accommodation on Alonáki Beach. He was going fishing and tells me he’s actually caught fish. I think it’s also a good excuse to get some peace from his baby son.

It was still very windy and cold after the Early Walk so I prepared breakfast once I’d fed the cats and turned on the water heater. I’m not quite sure where the morning went but the afternoon’s activities included changing the bungee cords restraining the sail shade for some wire rope I bought on my previous visit to the hardware store. The bungee balls did well, however, the elastic had lost its elasticity due to the sun and age. Hopefully, the wire rope will last a while.

I repaired the puppy-nibbled wire to the LED lights and generally tidied up some of the clutter.

I took my bike for a short ride amongst the greenhouses as it was a lot less windy than in the morning.

There is a full moon which was visible on the way back from the Evening Walk and tries to shine out between the passing clouds.

I’ve heard that Isabella managed a decent poo today so the vets are optimistic that her internals are now functioning as expected. They plan to hang onto her for a couple of days and we’ll then work out a way to get her back from Rethimnon.

The wind has got up again so I shall see how well the sail shade is working now it has been properly refixed to its frame. I know it was flapping around a lot last night and doing little to reduce the wind hitting the awning tent.

Luis is objecting to being tied up outside and hopefully, my supper is nearly cooked. I suppose I should get him inside and offer Skinny the opportunity too.


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