So quiet…

Early moon

No clattering and banging in the night as the wind finally dropped. The morning was lit by the full moon as we set off across the field for the Promontory. The walk was without encounter although there was some barking off in the distance. We returned to the camping, I fed the cats, turned on the water heater and set off on my bike in the direction of Paleochora.

The primary objective of the mission was to buy food as I had no fresh vegetables left. Before doing so, my secondary objective was to climb the mountain to the pass that leads down to Sarakina. I had no intention of going all that way as I had neither the time nor a full battery. I studied some possible routes from the pass before heading down to Petrakis for shopping. I seem to have purchased quite a weight of items but there were some large potatoes amongst the collection.

Back to the camping to get my breakfast underway and clear up after the previous night. The Pot had just reached pressure when the power went off! I used my position of power and influence and went up to turn on the generator. It has not been used for a while so the battery was less than lively as a consequence. It started, I switched over the power to backup and I could then get my breakfast cooking again. In the meantime, I got on with some other small jobs then went up to turn off the generator after around forty minutes. I did finally get to eat however the main power did not come back on for an hour or so later.

Xanthippos, who’s been poorly with a cold, arrived bearing a post office docket and a letter for Damian. I wandered down to see Peter and we engaged in a little chat about this and that. The docket is for his bike parts ordered via Amazon. Seeing as his bike was sent back to Rotterdam by DHL, a replacement is still on its way. A seat post and saddle are of little value without a bike to use them with.

It was a beautiful day as we sat chatting manfully together. I eventually left to get some other little jobs out of the way and Xanthippos called out, as he left with the dogs, to say he’d come to harvest carobs for his goats from my tree. I used some of the time to clear up the accumulated mess to more easily facilitate the carob harvest. I crushed some more dogmeat tins and had a general clear-up.

The carobs were duly harvested so Xanthippos departed to give them to his goats. Apparently, goats particularly like carobs.

I got ready to go for a shower as the heating guys showed up to fix the new boiler again. This problem, which occurred earlier in the week, was due to high wind triggering a cut-out. Blowing down a small pipe got the device working again. They will come tomorrow to modify the chimney to prevent this happening again.

It was nearly 17:00 when I returned from my shower so we set off for the Evening Walk. There was that moon again and there was still no wind. It was a very pleasant and uneventful walk with Obi being one of the first to return at the end.

Not having Isabella around has a certain calming effect however it will be good to have her back once she is properly repaired. I mustn’t get out of the habit of putting anything of value out of puppy reach!

Moon and snowcapped mountains

I’m still sitting outside to write this as it’s significantly warmer today. Not so much that I want to stay out any longer, however!


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