Isabella returns

A message from Heike on Friday evening warned that Isabella had decided she was well enough to return home and that she wanted to go NOW. The vets had originally intended for her to stay a little longer however Isabella had different ideas. Heike kindly agreed to pick Isabella up from Chania where the vets were working on Saturday. Otherwise, it would have involved a visit to Rethimnon which is even further. I was with Kirsti who was providing moral support for Jorma while he worked on their van when Heike arrived at the camping. She let Isabella out of her travel box and, after a moment’s hesitation, she came racing over to me. Her next stop was Kirsti who was standing a little further on. I took Isabella back to the others where she was initially reluctant to go in. Other than the usual sniffing, they accepted her back as if she’d never left.

After the Early Walk, I went into Paleochora to buy some heavy items from Petrakis which I was not able to get the previous day. I popped into the electrical shop and picked up some cable lugs which I need for my battery system. It wasn’t a very long or arduous ride however I tried out the recently extended section of the pedestrian path which I later discovered was strewn with nails removed from the formwork when the concreting was done.

Once back, I prepared breakfast having released the dogs from the van. It was already sunny and becoming warm.

Our day has been like the previous one with temperatures approaching the late teens which required the removal of several layers of clothing.

The sun encouraged the customers to do their laundry so I processed three loads. One for Damian and two for Kirsti. These were fitted around my weekly call home so I’ve been on the go for most of the day.

Jorma made the most of the weather by taking the wheel off of their van using my cunning geared tight-nut removing device. An investment I made when I first got the van so that I’d be able to change a wheel without the use of power tools. Their plan is to replace the alternator belt and replace the front brake disks and pads. Motorhomes are a little prone to disk and brake problems as they tend to stand around for long periods when not in use. I’m putting together an order for them and will have it delivered to the camping. Initially, they’d planned to leave to take the van to a mechanic however Jorma is perfectly capable of doing the work himself so long as he has the tools. They purchased some new tools online and now I shall order the parts so that they can get the brakes up to scratch.

The Evening Walk was slightly extended since the owner of the sheep in the field between the road and the camping appeared as we were walking back at the end. He was feeding them so I hung back so as not to spook the sheep with the dogs. We waited a little while then I took the dogs back to the camping via the main entrance as the sheep were still eating.

Isabella is glad to be home and is currently demolishing a rawhide bone in her crate. She has to be in there since she’s the only dog with a bone so you could imagine the competition otherwise.


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