Take two

My night was rather disturbed due to Isabella clattering around outside. She seemed to find it hard to settle down. I suspect she may have needed more exercise yesterday and she only went on the Evening Walk. Fido needed to go out to pee as well so I was up and down a bit. I finally put Isabella in her crate with a rawhide bone and shut the door. She was happy with this arrangement so we enjoyed peace from then on.

There was little enthusiasm for getting up at 04:55 so I allowed myself an additional 30 minutes to compensate for the nighttime disturbances and the fact it is Sunday. The timer went off around 05:25 so I got dressed and went outside. As I poked my nose out of the tent, I noticed water on the decking and additional spots from rain. No rain was forecast but looking at the sky told a different story. I thought it might pass overhead so continued preparing to leave. Luis took himself inside so I locked him in as he’d decided not to join us. The spots became more positive so I took the dogs inside so we could wait until it stopped. Long story short, it rained over 6mm during the next forty minutes so we were inside drinking tea and checking emails etc. The walk was consequently a lot later. The German guy staying with his wife and baby on Alonáki passed by as we were walking across the field. He probably decided that fishing in the rain wasn’t fun either so delayed his departure too.

The walk was without incident and the sun was rising as we came back. We witnessed ‘the one that got away’ as our intrepid fisherman was trying to land what appeared to be a sizeable catch when it got away at the last moment. I feel sure it will end up the size of Moby Dick by the time he recounts the story to his wife and child.

I put the dogs in the van and fed the cats before getting my bike ready for a trip to the mountains west of Krios. My mission was to explore tracks which might lead to Elafonissi. Many of these tracks probably served a useful purpose once upon a time but often simply degenerate into a footpath. On others, the going is tough especially when the rider is not particularly experienced and the machine is quite heavy. These tracks would have been passable in a 4×4 but hard work otherwise. I explored then returned to the camping as the dogs needed to be let out.

Little sun and plenty of clouds. I was satisfied with that as I was working quite hard and overheating.
Looking southwest at a rather cloudy sky
This is not the total distance as I started a new workout as I was on foot for a while.

I made the fatal mistake of sitting down BEFORE getting my breakfast ready so it was nearly lunchtime before I ate it.

The afternoon was comparatively lazy due to warmth and little desire for additional physical activity. I messed around ordering parts for Jorma and Kirsti’s Mercedes motorhome, went for a shower and fiddled around downloading interesting material from the Internet.

The time for the Evening walk approached so I thought I’d just check the field before dragging the dogs out there and having to bring them back. The sheep were, as it happens, eating so their keeper had not long since passed. I took the dogs north through the camping so we had another slightly extended walk down the road to Alonáki Beach. There were others out on the Promontory. Fishermen and a couple with a small. It is Sunday and it’s been a nice day following some pretty crummy weather so hardly surprising people want to get out for a walk. I would have done better to have waited then the sheep would have eaten their food and the punters would have gone home leaving the Promontory to us.

I have not yet prepared food for myself due to the fact I ate rather later than usual. I find it harder to motivate myself to cook things when I don’t feel very hungry. That situation is now changing so I need to get inside and prepare something. Luis is snoring loudly having stuffed his face. There are all rather quiet so I’ll stir them all up by putting them into the van.


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