Only a few drops but…

There was no rain for the Early Walk which was almost uneventful other than a discussion with the intrepid fisherman regarding the loss of Moby Dick the previous day.

Skinny has been eager to go into the van when we come back from the walk so I went for a run on my own. I’ve done little running lately as it’s been so cold and wet. Bike rides, in many ways, are longer and more demanding. I passed Vlisidis supermarket where there were a number of hopefuls waiting for work, including the Grammeno Three. They were unlucky today as I discovered them making food in the kitchen soon after I returned.

I got a shower and some breakfast then settled down in front of my laptop to catch up with some administration. I didn’t do much over the weekend. Georgia said she’d received a call whilst she was in the office yesterday evening saying a couple would be arriving the following morning. They were Germans speaking English to a Greek so there was plenty of scope for misunderstanding. Sure enough, a couple with a modern Hymer motorhome arrived around 11:00. I spotted them in the camera so went up to greet them. They are from Dortmund and are seasoned travellers. They left home around four weeks ago and arrived on Crete on this morning’s ferry. They have paid for a week but may decide to stay longer. I went through the various payment options so we’ll see how long they stay. I encouraged them to go down by the bar end of the camping as Georgia’s dogs can be a little noisy at times.

Peter went into the post office to collect his bike seat and seat pillar. All he needs now is the bike to go with it. He is hoping DHL can manage to deliver it on this attempt. I’m also waiting for an item from UK and hope it will arrive quite soon.

The day has been warm and sunny with only a brief moment when a black cloud loomed overhead and a few drops of rain fell. Isabella was out walking with Kirsti and Jorma and their dog at the time however it didn’t develop into anything.

Peter and I took IZO, Isabella and Fido for a wander around the Promontory and discussed routes we might attempt as and when DHL eventually deliver Peter’s bike.

Soon after, I took all of the dogs out for the Evening Walk. It was pleasant as we had all of the Promontory to ourselves. The dogs and cats have been fed, my supper is cooking in the Pot and most of the dogs are enjoying Al Jazeera News inside the van. They are particularly interested in Asian and World news.

The weather for the next few days in uninspiring but nothing compared to Storm Brendan currently threatening Northan Europe. The people of some of the Philippine islands are waiting for an eruption so it’s all go!


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