So blasé

The morning was moonlit, reasonably warm and almost still as we set off for the Promontory. The Early walk was again, almost uneventful other than an encounter with the intrepid fisherman who admitted to losing and not recatching the gigantic fish. He was going to give it another try but feared he might catch nothing. He was on his way to a different spot so we crossed paths again as the dogs and I traversed the rocks.

I went on an exploratory visit of the greenhouses around Krios and encountered, quite by accident, the Petrakis warehouse which I’d visited previously in the times when Antonis used to bring me the dog food. Now, of course, it’s all delivered without intervention on my part. I didn’t have a fully charged battery and had no intention to be out for too long anyway. I found my way to the road which goes up towards Sklavopoula in the mountains. It’s quite far so I simply climbed a bit and then headed back towards the camping via a circular route which included greenhouses which I’d visited previously as a runner.

The green bits on the mountains are me coming down!

Later in the morning, I took Isabella for a short walk to the office to check the mailbox. We discovered two dockets from ELTA both of which were not easy to read. I reckoned one might be the new Raspberry Pi which I ordered from Amazon. I was keen to receive this as it’s to replace the current one which I felt was a little underpowered for the job. I’d taken the battery off my bike to recharge it later so put it back on and set off for Paleochora.

The nice lady in the post office, who attended and passed with flying colours, the ELTA charm school. But then, are not all post office officials worldwide only employed for their happy-of-lucky attitude towards their customers? She explained that the item was registered, that the postman had tried to deliver it but had left a docket as he was unable to find anyone to sign for it. He would be back by 14:30 so I could come back the following day or at 14:30. As it is likely to be raining tomorrow, I decided to come back at 14:30 so went back to Grammeno. By the time I arrived, the battery was showing one bar so I gave it a quick charge so that I could go back to the post office later.

I rode back to find that the postman had returned and dutifully produced my package for which I duly signed. The other docket was left by accident and was for someone else.

Back at the camping, I needed to lube my bike chain and then got into putting green slime in the rear tyre to prevent punctures. The tyres are much larger than normal ones, about twice the size, so I put an entire bottle of gloop into the rear tyre. This required riding the bike around a little and pumping it up to the correct pressure. For this, I went down to Peter and borrowed his digital pump.

There was just enough time for me to assemble my newly-acquired Raspberry Pi one board computer and get it working before the Evening Walk. I need to do a proper install as I’ve just taken the memory card from the old one for now. I can report that the new computer is much faster and more responsive than the previous, works at a higher resolution, has more memory and a faster processor. Consequently, I can now watch videos which used to stutter and fail and I can dart around the video without pause or hesitation. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. The other RP can go back to its previous job of looking after the WiFi network.

The Evening Walk was slightly extended as the owner of the sheep came to feed them as we were on the way back. Some had wandered off so he gathered them up and put them back into the field. We passed him and went into the main camping entrance.

Xanthippos was telling me of his conversation with Georgia as she explained the impact of the new road project upon the camping. To be honest, there was little new as she’d told me all before. Still, I’m sure he felt important to be able to share this vital information.

Luis is snoring exceptionally loudly under my chair, Skinny keeps barking at some unknown threat outside. He has a very powerful nose so detects things the other miss. Isabella has stuffed her face but didn’t feel inclined to gobble down the bowl of food I left for her when I went out this morning. She appears to have recovered this evening!

Going inside to eat my grub!


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