Poxy wind!

Despite a low probability of rain, there has been none all day, as for wind, that is a different matter! It was windy this morning and the dogs, all but Luis who remained behind, were scatty. Otherwise, the walk was uneventful.

The windy and cold conditions were not conducive to other activity so I got on with some important tea-drinking and watched the news when we got back. Having prepared breakfast, I went down to collect money from Damian who was leaving around 11:00. He and his other half were surrounded by stuff in Z6 so I found it hard to believe they’d be ready to leave at 11:00. I took their money, we chatted and then I went for my breakfast. They came for a few days camping but ended up staying for thirty-five days in Z6. I suspected they would have been long gone had I not steered them in the direction of a cabin.

There was a succession of interruptions today, one of which was Georgia coming to collect loads of oil and raki for a friend. She tells me she’s going to Athens at the end of the week so I guess that must be for her annual checkup unless I’m mistaken.

The interruptions included washing machine for the German couple recently arrived, Kirsti, Xanthippos, the water main being cut somewhere on the roadworks and others. Interestingly, I was wondering how long it would be before one of those diggers would cut through something important. The washing machine halted as it had no water for rinses and people came to ask why there was no water. In all, there was a lot of wandering around today which compensated for any additional exercise this morning although I’d considered going for a ride at some point during the day if it settled down.

I spent time playing with my batteries and various accessories. I have yet to wire up the balancers and am now getting on with it seeing as I have more time so may as well have battery backup from the mains rather than nothing at all. Antonis still has work to do for Manolis so I’m still in a holding pattern.

We went for a blustery Evening Walk which, together with the other wandering about the camping, almost closed my Move Ring. The dogs were scattier than in the morning and Luis and Isabella had fun chasing each other about. Isabella has this little thing with Luis whereby she barks loudly at him which causes him to turn back on her as if to bite her. At this point, she runs away to repeat the cycle once again. This is usually when all the dogs are back on their leads and heading across the Big Beach towards the Promontory entrance.

Unless I’m mistaken, it is windier than at any time during the past couple of days. I understood the wind to be moderating during the evening and the night. The revised forecast shows the wind continuing through Friday and increasing. But at least it’s not raining and it is January after all and the weather is far worse in Northern Europe. And it was quite sunny under the awning whilst out of the wind.

I noticed today that one of the WiFi transmitters has gone offline. It has a cable which goes across the roof of the storeroom diagonally. A silly mistake on my part as I suspect it got sabotaged when the generator was hauled up onto the roof. I notice the TV cable has also come from the antenna which serves T1-T3 so I’ll go up there is ascertain the situation with the WiFi and sort out the TV cable at the same time. I’m waiting for batteries to arrive to replace the backup in the weather station wireless senders. I had a spare battery which had leaked and was out of date so useless.

I’m inside surrounded by sleeping dogs. Only Isabella and Obi are outside under the awning and that is their choice. Hopefully, my supper is now ready to eat.


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