At last, it’s arrived!

There was a little rain in the night but none as I got out of bed. It waited until we were walking across the field before honouring us with its presence. It was only light rain and once in the shelter of the vegetation on the Promontory, it was no longer a concern. The walk was conducted in the same way as the previous day, strict groups alternately. This gives a quicker, more lively walk as I’m taking only three or four at a time alternately. We met Jojo, the intrepid fisherman as he was walking up. He was later too today: something to do with the grotty weather we agreed.

Other than that encounter, the walk was uneventful until we met up again, later, on the rocks. At that point, there was no sign of any fish. Apparently, Mary’s parents are joining them for a few days hence the effort to catch fresh fish.

It wasn’t really the weather for cycling as more rain fell once we got back so I decided my trip to Petrakis could wait until after my weekly phone call home. I got my breakfast going and fiddled around with the fan on the Raspberry Pi as I was unsure which pins it should be connected to for power. Once the fan was properly installed and working, I tried the RP again to discover it was now possible to play video at full screen. Previously, video froze whenever it was put into full-screen mode. All just a matter of a little more cooling!

With breakfast out of the way, there was little time for much more as the hour of the phone call was approaching. I looked into the CCTV cameras to discover a large truck parked outside the reception. I walked up and helped to unload the long-awaited RadPower Bike which Peter had ordered only a few days after mine. There was Christmas and New Year in the way and also the fact that DHL decided to send it all the way back to Rotterdam. We put the bike in the office so that I could assemble it later on.

The weekly call was only minutes away as I got back to the van and got ready. After the call, I went to the office and assembled the bike and later, Peter joined me so we could make any necessary adjustments.

I needed some food so went off to Paleochora to Petrakis where I met Werner, the German guy who arrived earlier in the week. He has an electric bike with a mid-drive motor from Bosch. He was interested by the RadPower bike especially the price! We agreed they are good value for money.

Back at the camping, I went for a shower before taking the dogs for the Evening Walk. There has not been much sitting around doing nothing today…

Fido is not sharing the empty dog meat tin with Skinny. My fingers are getting cold typing this as I’m outside, and I think my food is ready to eat.


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