I set the timer for an additional thirty-minutes and then slept through it. As a consequence, we were out just before 06:00 on a cold and windy Monday morning. Luis tried to chicken out and go back into the van but as I had to go out, I didn’t see why he should stay behind in the comparative warmth. The walk was uneventful but Isabella seemed to have excessive energy which was a little trying at times. Jojo wasn’t fishing so the dogs were denied something real to bark at. I think we were all pleased to be back at the van and out of the wind. I sat inside and updated servers as I had no desire to do much else. Updating servers is not high on my list of exciting activities.

With breakfast out of the way, the sun came out and the awning area warmed up. It was not long after that Georgia phoned from Athens to ask if the window guys had arrived to fit the windows in the new building. I was able to advise her they’d been working for some while. She asked that I make sure they respect the new floor.

I did a translation from French to English for La Taillade in the chilly Cantal in France. It bet it must be pretty chilly there at the moment. Frits and Els, who have been going there for decades, do quite a bit of marketing for the camping in the Netherlands and Germany. Frits plays guitar and leads the regular BBQ and get-together during the season.

I took Isabella and Fido for a walk around the Promontory as Isabella had been quiet all morning but was starting to get into mischief. I had a bit of a chat with Zaher and then went out on a bike ride to Krios as I’d not had a lot of exercise other than the Early Walk. The batteries I ordered from the Netherlands had arrived so I changed the batteries in my weather station senders. This involved getting a ladder to climb onto the storeroom roof.

By now it was past 17:00 so we set off for the Evening Walk which seemed colder an more blustery than the morning. It’s going to be windier and cold tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that! It should start to warm up a little on Wednesday but the wind is still from the north.

I’m watching an interview with Isabel de Santos on Al Jazeera. I feel sure all of her millions result from her diligent business activities and are nothing whatsoever to do with massive handouts of Angolan public money by her father. So there you have it!


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