Another chilly and windy Early Walk with very little to report. Isabella walked around every time as it helps to wear her out even though she’s a bit of a nuisance. I had her on her own so that she didn’t bother the others so much. It seems that Jojo and his family have gone off fish or perhaps are purchasing it from the town.

I had more updates to install and wanted to check up on the reliability of backup which gave me a lovely excuse to go inside with a cup of tea and the morning news from Al Jazeera. I spent quite a bit of time on the Embroiderers Guild accounting software as the accounts personnel say they are struggling as it’s so slow. I have set up something for them to try so we’ll see how well that works.

Xanthippos arrived with the news that machines are laying tarmac on the new road between Paleochora and the kantina at the small cove near to the hanging rock. This is not quite half of the distance between the camping and Paleochora but it’s a step in the right direction. I asked him about the cycle track be he had no information about that. Given the recent activity, I suspect the cycle track is going to be included in the process.

Peter and I took Obi, Fido and Isabella onto the Promontory for a quick spin round. Like me, Peter had been sitting for a long time in front of his laptop so needed a break. It was sunny and warm out of the wind which was very strong as our little party wandered over the rocks. A group of young men were playing with a football on the beach as we returned to the camping, they shouted out for us to come and join them.

I went to Krios on my bike once I’d put the dogs back into the compound and fed the cats as it was about that time of day. It was an easy run out as the wind was more favourable in that direction: coming back required a little more effort on my part as I kept the amount of electrical assistance to a minimum.

It was gone five when I returned from the shower but wanted to prepare my supper before going out on the Evening Walk which I intended to be as brief as possible as it was still very windy and extremely chilly. The dinner was in the pot so off we set for our walk which was a brief as it could be.

I fed the dogs as soon as we got back and now we’re all inside with the heating blasting away. The inside temperature was 15.6℃ the last time I looked but has moved on a little since then. I have to go outside to get my supper from the pot but it will be a quick operation.


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