It’s true!

Peter sent a text to say that someone had been in his van whilst he was out shopping yesterday. We’d walked Isabella, Obi and Fido together and then I went for a bike ride. We crossed paths as I was returning to the camping at about 16:40. I checked the CCTV recorder and could see that the young men who’d been kicking a ball on the beach opposite the sliding gate entrance had come into the camping and rummaged Peter’s van almost as soon as he’d left on his bike. He tells me they took nothing of value just some food and a couple of beers. They searched his lockers but failed to take anything of value including his new MacBook Pro which would be worth a pretty penny. He talked about moving to the centre of the camping but wants to visit the island so is looking at this as an alternative. It’s a good time for a visit as there’s no one around.

I was delighted that the cold northerly wind was still blowing strongly as I awoke this morning. The soggy patch of ground outside the entrance to Cedar Bay Villas was drying out nicely after last night’s flood. I could hear the main water pipe discharging large amounts of water into the entrance of the Grammeno Beach car part but with seven dogs eager for their supper, I decided I’d come back later. When I did return last night at bedtime, large adjustable spanner in hand, I could see that the gushing water had been intentional and not some act of vandalism. The walk was uneventful although we met up with JoJo who approached over the rocks as we walked the opposite direction. He confirmed he’d not been fishing for a couple of days.

The wind dropped as we got back to the camping but I wasn’t up for other exercise as it was still cold and I had things to do. One of which was to fill the washing machine as it was perfect weather for drying the clothes. I inspected the kitchen which I had to visit the previous evening to turn off the lights. I’d found it pretty grotty so went up to the office for a chat with Zaher. The kitchen is now much cleaner and I expect it to remain that way.

I had a chat with Peter about his home invasion which is when he talked about going off for a tour of the island. Now that he has, at last, receive his bike, there is no reason for him to delay his trip any longer. Not that many campings are officially open however it’s still possible to stay so long as you accept things for what they are.

The day progressed accompanied by some small IT tasks and a call from Barbara in Melbourne. I needed to take some exercise and get some food so I set off for Paleochora on my bike. There was a lot of activity near to the camping as machines were installing the new water connections to the properties. As predicted, I reached the tarmac near to the kantina in the little cove. The machine was working and lorries were flitting about feeding the tarmac into the hopper. Traffic was being directed around the obstacles but I was not delayed for long. It was very pleasant to be rolling along on pristine tarmac although some of the drain covers are still proud so there may be a final layer to come. The cycle/pedestrian way has not been included so far. With my shopping completed, I headed back to the camping to perform the same but in reverse.

I made time for a shower and got in my washing before taking the dogs for the Evening Walk. A couple of surprised young fishermen were leaving as we walked down to the end but little else. It was a pleasant walk with a picturesque sunset and so much nicer without that cold wind. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer than today however it was over 25℃ under the awning at one point today.

We’re inside now, except for Obi who remains outside through choice. My supper is in the Pot and has hopefully finished cooking.


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