No electricity and no water

The final moon of this cycle. Spot Venu at 1 o’clock if you can. New Moon tomorrow…

It was warmer and only breezy as we set off up the Promontory. The Early Walk was reasonably uneventful other than the dogs sighting Jo Jo standing on the rock island fishing. I pointed it out to them and they went rushing off to greet him. Only Isabella changed her mind as the distance between me and her increased. She eventually decided that it might be better to stick with me and came rushing back as I disappeared in the opposite direction. It wasn’t long before all of the dogs came back so he had our biscuits and went back to the camping.

I’d planned to go into Paleochora for shopping purposes but time just disappeared into feeding the cats and putting another load into the washing machine. Two loads in two days! It’s not quite time for the Spring Bed however I felt it might be a good idea to change the sheets before then.

I’d just got my breakfast ready to put into the pot when the power went off so I walked up to turn on the generator for half an hour to cook it. I should have used the time to charge my phone and watch however that didn’t occur to me then. In any event, the generator was happy to be started up and rattled away noisily to itself for around forty minutes.

I watched a YouTube video on my phone whilst eating my breakfast and then sort of went into a bit of a decline in the warmth of the sun. My washing had fortunately completed its cycle before the power went off so I hung up the sheets so as to get them dry first. Everything is dry but my bed has not been made. A delight for later!

The power continued to be off and then I noticed there was no water either. Xanthippos, the fount of all knowledge, told me there was a fault at the main stations – no power, no pumps, no water.

I had a chat with Zaher who administered an injection to Isabella as I felt it was a two-man job seeing as she’s such a fidget. I held her whilst he stabbed her. Job done! The afternoon progressed, the water came back and then the power. My plan to go shopping in Paleochora dissolved so I took my bike for a ride to Krios for a little exercise and to advance my Move Ring. On the way back, I reset the entrance lights to the camping and adjusted the timer. I’m not sure there’s a need for the place to be lit up until 02:00!

By now it was time for the Evening Walk so I quickly took down the remainder of the washing before gathering the dogs ready for departure. The Evening Walk was very pleasant as we gazed upon SAM travelling from Alexandria to Kiato which is currently moored in the bay between Grammeno and Paleochora. If we suddenly discover some extra refugees in the morning, that would be a coincidence.

Snowy mountains
The completed floor and windows in the new room

It’s getting all windy again so I’d better take in the remaining item of washing still on the line.

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