Decadent loafing

The van was moving and it was 11℃ outside. I turned off my 05:30 alarm then went back to sleep as it was not only dark but cold and extremely windy. The dogs were not moving so I took my lead from them. Dawn was breaking as we entered the Promontory so I didn’t need my torch for very long. At one point during the walk, Skinny went walkabout as his lead became detached from the others. He wandered off for around for a while on his own and caught us up at the end of the Promontory where he allowed himself to be reacquired. We completed our walk and I let all but Skinny go for a run over the rocks. It seems that Isabella has taken a liking to the Brown Dogs especially Fido and Obi, she reserves ‘tormenting’ Luis for the walk back to the camping. Skinny allows her a certain amount of latitude but is still not her buddy.

I checked the server backup logs before getting up so had noticed there were problems with the Lewes servers. I tried unsuccessfully to connect to them after the walk which confirmed there was a problem. I sent a message to Richard to warn him that whoever came into the store first needed to call me to restart the servers. We managed to shut down and restart the servers and they finally came back online so I was able to finish my breakfast.

Peter managed to get a new battery for his van but cut one of the cables whilst fitting it. I repaired the cable and then dealt with a series of phone calls from Inter Sport about another matter. Peter then discovered he’d lost one of the nuts holding the battery cable to the battery. I had plenty of nuts of similar size but could find none with the correct thread. I finally took a nut from another battery connector I’m not using.

By now, the afternoon was drawing to a close and I still had no food or exercise. My bike took me to Paleochora where I bought a load of veg. I bumped into Gabi, another of Zaher’s fan club. She and I had a chat then I left for Grammeno delivering a couple of jars of jam from her to Zaher.

I then discovered the water had gone off yet again as the lads were washing up outside as there was no water in the kitchens. It was getting on so time for the Evening Walk. It was a lot less blowy than this morning but the wind is still very chilly although the sky was perfectly blue and the sun had not quite set. I let all the dogs go free and managed to come back to the camping with the same number as I left with. The water was still off so I fed the dogs.

I was planning to get some irrigation water as I needed it only for washing vegetables and cooking. The water had come back on at low pressure so I was able to prepare my food as usual. I’ve filled up all the animal water bowls and the kettles so can guarantee the water will stay on for the time being. It will be good when the new pipeline from Paleochora comes online as hopefully, this will result in a more reliable supply.

Beeping from without so my supper is ready…


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