Tea with The Refugees

Cold but still this morning so a great change from the previous few days. We had a longer walk and all the dogs were allowed off the lead. Poor Skinny hasn’t had a decent run for weeks. The cold windy weather has deterred me from running and I’ve been concentrating on walking and cycling more for a change. Consequently, Skinny has also been walking more than running. We took time to play on the rocks and explore rather than walk and go straight back. It was a pleasure to just stand to gaze out at the sea and the passing ships, listening to the waves on the rocks. Skinny kept close most of the time but took advantage of his freedom so I had to go down to Peter later on and reacquire him. He’d done his thing so was happy to allow himself to be reacquired.

Xanthippos was in fairly early as he was preparing the two toilet/shower cabins to be moved to their new locations. He informed me the machine would come at 11:00 to move them: I was sceptical and also right as no machine arrived. So now our choice of shower has been diminished leaving only the main bathroom. There, one shower has a blocked drain and a broken shelf for your things, the other has no hook for the showerhead and the door lock has seized up. Now that I’m forced to use these showers, I’ll sort them out. I’m pretty sure the cabins will be put in position but it’ll be months before they are connected up to the water, drains and electricity.

Preparing the WC/showers for transportation

The parts for the Finns arrived just before 12:00 so I was a little late making my weekly call home. Lots of hammering indicated that their van’s front disks and brakes were being changed.

Peter and I went for a bike ride to Krios and up to the chapel on the hill.

Snowy mountains and plastic greenhouses from the chapel

I came back to the camping and Peter went on to do some shopping in Paleochora. I was chatting with Zaher who invited me to join Islam and Mohamed for some traditional Syrian herbal infusion. We ended up having a long, involved conversation until well after Evening Walk time. By the time I left them, it was too late for walking so I fed the dogs and prepared my evening meal. I’ve offered to help Mohammed and Islam learn some more English. I understand they are hoping to join family members who live in England. I impressed upon them the importance of speaking some English. Mohammed has picked up some Greek and Islam was quick at learning English. It was all a bit random but they were very polite as they sat outside to humour the crazy English guy as he spoke to Zaher for what must have seemed to them to be more than a lifetime! My usual routine has been disrupted so I’m waiting for my supper to cook as I write. I’m just glad I went shopping yesterday!


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