I was shedding garments as I walked around the Promontory as it was so warm following all the days of cold, northerly wind. The walk was fairly uneventful. We could see JoJo fishing on the rock in the distance. I returned with the same number of dogs as I left which was a bonus seeing as all of them were off the lead for quite a long time. Some were keener to return than others but all finally came back of their own volition. Strangely, Fido was the last as I think he’d teamed up with Obi and Skinny to pay a visit to JoJo fishing on his rock.

I fed the cats and checked the water heater to discover it was actually working as expected. It was only later, when I checked it again, that it began to play up. Two days in a row, I’ve had to attend to it and reset it.

I had some IT work that required my attention so I got on with that before breakfast. Naturally, all the cats were fed and Isabella received her usual bucket of food as well as a rawhide bone to chew on.

I prepared my breakfast and put it in the Pot before going off to tend to Xanthippos who needed me to open the washing machine room door so he could plug in his apparatus. He needed to cut down the steps to the loos.

The space for the loos
No more loos
Relocated. They have not been levelled but Xanthippos assures me they will be levelled, reconnected to water, waste and electricity and in operational condition in a couple of days. I won’t hold my breath!

I had breakfast and was generally interrupted due to the movement of the lorry with the Hyab which was moving the white loos and taking the red showers to the sliding beach gate entrance. There was the usual amount of shouting of instructions but surprisingly the dogs remained mostly quiet.

Peter brought his bike, seat, table and other bits to be stored in the pussy (formally Boris) enclosure. He plans to depart for exploration of the island tomorrow. The Finns are also off tomorrow so, unless there are new arrivals, it will be just me and the refugees.

I continued with my IT task and Kirsti took Isabella out for a walk. My bike took me for a ride to Krios then I showered in the main bathroom before preparing my supper for later. The Evening Walk was pleasant and warm with only a light breeze. All of the dogs were released and only Skinny was absent for roundup. He, very sensibly, appeared back in the compound as I was about to get their bowls out for food. I’d like to think that Skinny may, at last, have got the message however I’m not that adventurous.

It’s quiet except for Luis snoring loudly next to my chair. The Pot has just gone click so my supper is ready. I shall marshall the dogs inside and go and eat it.


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