All alone – except for the refugees

For some reason, I was awake good and early this morning so we were out and about ahead of time for a change. The Early Walk was uneventful and I didn’t even bother with a coat! The sky was quite cloudy and the tops of the mountains were missing. I’d fully charged my bike battery and was planning to go on a long bike ride after the walk. Charlie and Skinny didn’t return promptly and both Peter and Kirsti were leaving so I decided to postpone my long ride until another day.

I put the dogs in and went off to feed the cats and check the water heater was working as it has failed the last two day. Sure enough, there was an error on the screen. I tried to get it to reset but without success so I turned on the immersion heater for a while. Skinny was helping Peter prepare for departure so I went down and recovered him from there. It’s a pity Skinny is so useless at returning at the end of the walk. Even Obi has been very good lately at returning. He seems to like having running battles with Isabella and they both appear to be having fun. Isabella can have fun at almost any time as she can always find something to amuse her.

I took my breakfast out of the pot then went to see Kirsti and Jorma. They are off to Sissi Camping where I spent a few days at the beginning of the century when I came to Crete for the first time with Danny and Kieron. The camping is closed but that they can stay there anyway so I understand.

Peter was the next to go but he’s planning to remain in the south and go to Agia Gallini to the camping there. Some previous customers also went there after Grammeno. So now it’s only me and the refugees.

Xanthippos was painting the outside of the new room so I suspect the wc/shower cubicles will not be operational in the two days he mentioned. He was chatting to Georgia who said she’d bought one hundred plastic chairs for the room as well as a woodburning stove. I told her of the unreliability of the new water boiler and she was immediately on the phone to the heating guys. She was getting quite excited and suggested they might like to sort it out once and for all.

I spent the morning going through the money for the camping which had been building up. I’ve delivered quite a sizeable lump into the office so Georgia should be happy the next time she visits. She says she’s off to Chania for a few days and will then come back to Paleochora.

The day started off cloudy but become sunny in the morning pushing the temperature to 19.4℃. The clouds took over and it became cooler. The forecast was for showers followed by more persistent rain later. I think the later rain must have arrived early as we’ve had 13.4mm of rain this afternoon. Fortunately, it stopped before it was dark so we managed an Evening Walk. I didn’t expect anyone to be out on the Promontory so I let all of the dogs go. All managed to return at the end except Skinny who I’ve been allowing to have a good run about recently. Sadly Skinny is hopeless as returning promptly and a liability, so I shall be keeping him on the lead from now on.

It’s the seventy-fifth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz/Birkenau. I recognised the entrance of Birkenau where the gathering took place.


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