Dining out

No coat again today but I was caught out by a little wind that crept up as the walk progressed. I’d still my hat in my hoodie pocket which saved the day. Skinny was the only dog not to go free and all the others turned up at the end as expected.

I needed to get some food for breakfast so put the dogs inside and got on my bike having fed Isabella her morning bucket and the cats as well. I visited Petrakis and then checked out Synka to see if they have any bulk ginger. It seems as though there’s a national shortage unless you’re looking for small plastic containers with the most expensive ginger in Greece. My next stop was Manolis at his petrol station as I wanted to get some adhesive to fix my bike inner tube and rear tyre. He had nice little puncture repair kits one of which I purchased. I took the high road back to the camping rather than go back through Paleochora. With an electric motor to help, that incline is no longer a struggle even with a load of shopping in my bag.

The sun was shining when I returned to the camping and it even warmed up to 18.4℃ however it clouded over later on and became cooler. With breakfast out of the way, I got on with a couple of small tasks and then spotted the boiler guy’s car coming into the camping. I went over to the laundry room to open the door and explain the current problem. Other than that, I let him get on with it. He fiddled around for a few minutes, got the boiler and going then left. I decided to check it was still running an hour or so later to discover that it was not. What a surprise! I sent a message to Georgia and left it at that. After all, as she likes everyone to know, she’s the boss!

I had a couple of phone calls in the afternoon then joined Zaher, Mohammed and Islam for a meal they had prepared. All simple stuff as they don’t have a lot of money but then I eat a lot of potatoes anyway. We learned a few new useful English words and I changed one of the gas bottles. I carted the empty over to the workshop but was not allowed to carry the full cylinder back again. I changed the washer on the regulator and we were good to go.

The meal over, I went for a shower in the main bathroom before feeding the cats and taking the dogs for the Evening Walk. Nothing spectacular to report on the walk except that I had the same dogs as I left with as Skinny was not let go.

Luis got the empty dog meat tin which he has cleaned very nicely. I’m not sure exactly what’s going out outside but there is a lot of noise out on the decking. Fido, Oskar, Isabella and I are inside so I should imagine it’s to do with Skinny and Luis.

No need to cook anything this evening so more time to relax.

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