My goal for today was to submit my tax return. Not that I have anything to pay as I don’t earn enough – I still have to submit a return though. Matthew called me yesterday to ask me to pay his as I submitted it a while ago for mortgage purposes but he hadn’t been able to pay as his house sale money was still lurking in his solicitor’s client account. Seeing as the purchase of his new house is taking a while, he now has the money in his savings account. I can reveal that Matthew’s tax is paid and my return has been submitted so we can all relax for another year.

The Early Walk was only slightly soggy as there were a few raindrops in the air. It didn’t deter us as we marched doggedly and manfully onwards. The wind has shifted to the southwest so the temperature is warmer although there is a little rain about. So far today, 3.6mm has fallen with the threat of a little more later.

The morning was punctuated by some calls and a visit from Mary, JoJo and their little boy. They came to update me on the progress of a replacement awning for their van which was dispatched from Germany in December. As usual, with the likes of UPS and DHL, the delivery has not been without incident and the package was on the point of being returned to Germany. They now have the mobile number of the actual operative who is charged with delivering the replacement and it should be with them on Tuesday. Mary commented on how much Isabella has grown as she’s not seen Isabella since the end of December when they moved to their accommodation on AnonĂ¡ki Beach. Tuesday will reveal whether the package actually reaches them.

There were a couple of support calls and I set up a new WiFi access point at LBS. Other than that just a couple of calls and emails.

The afternoon became cloudier and cooler as time progressed. I prepared my supper for later with the intention of taking the dogs for their Evening Walk. I was set to go when I heard rain on the roof above the van so all bets were now off! Most of the dogs had taken the initiative to come into the van so were sleeping in various positions. They’d been romping around outside on the decking earlier so had expended some of their energy there anyway. I’d been out on my bike for thirty minutes so also expended some of my own too.

I think I shall declare this day officially over as it now holds little of interest for me other than some food followed by a gradual decline to bedtime. Isabella is hoping I’ll go in soon so that she can take my place on this chair until tomorrow morning. It’s a dog’s life!

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