Fixed it – well, almost…

There was a little dampness on the Early Walk so we sheltered briefly under a convenient rock. It only lasted a few minutes and was all forgotten by the time we got back. Other than that, the walk was reasonably calm and pleasant. I wasn’t even wearing a hat or coat.

I had no intention of going out once we were back at the camping so I put the dogs inside for a little while before letting them do their thing outside. There’s no one here except the refugees for them to bother and they are out seeking work at that time of the day anyway. I had an IT task to complete so started off with that. It was mostly downloading and installing updates so not terribly demanding.

Breakfast was fitted in somewhere and then I went for a little walk up to the reception where I found Mohammed and Islam sitting in the sun. I checked the mailbox then headed over to greet them. They made me sit down so that they could bring me their English exercise book to show off the vocabulary they’re studiously written down. We went through it together and then added some new words from objects around us. We ended up with a useful phrase: “Have you had enough?” which I translated into Arabic for their benefit. They decided they had and so had I seeing as I was doing a lot of the talking. I think they want to do some more tomorrow.

I went back to check on my installation to find that the owner of the computer had come in earlier than expected but seemed to be working away happily so I left it at that. My next activity was a cycle ride into Paleochora. Not because I needed anything other than to burn off some energy. I managed to do a little shopping nevertheless. I thought I’d visit the PAWS puppies to find there were none. The place seemed a little deserted. I completed a little tour of the town before making my way back to Grammeno.

No one came to fix the water heater so I thought I’d just turn on the power to see if it would work as I wanted a shower anyway. Surprisingly, it burst into action and heated up the water amazingly quickly so I went for a shower. The end shower still has a wonky shelf, floods and has no hooks so I acquired a showerhead bracket from elsewhere so that I could get the next door shower operational again. Showering in wintertime holding the showerhead in the other hand is not terribly practical when the wind is whistling through the unglazed windows. The smaller WC/shower portable cabins were much better but are unlikely to be reconnected this side of Easter despite Xanthippos’ assurance they’d be operational within a couple of days. I fixed the showerhead bracket and turned to the faulty door lock hoping to simply swap over the doors from the neighbouring cubicle. I’d hoped they were door sets but soon discovered the hinges didn’t align so a door swap wasn’t an option. At least it’s now possible to have a shower without standing up to your ankles in water with one’s clothes landing on the floor from the wonky shelf.

I tidied up my tools before making my supper so that it could sit in the Pot whilst I was out with the dogs. It’s now cooked so I’d better go inside to eat it.


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