Ursula and Tony arrive

Why does Fido have to go for a wee in the night? If he were a little quicker, I wouldn’t need to have to get out of bed twice. Once to let him out and again to let him in.

The Early Walk was cooler but dry. No particular excitements as all the dogs returned as anticipated. Skinny and Charlie had no choice in the matter as Charlie has been a little lax at coming back in the mornings. Fine in the evenings as he knows it’s suppertime, just the mornings he slopes off…

I put the dogs in for a little while and got on with a little server task which didn’t quite work out as expected. There was an update that required installing and the server took ages to shut down and reboot. Everything only came back online minutes before the Lewes store was due to open.

There was time for breakfast before my weekly call home. I went to inspect Xanthippos’ handiwork on the new building before making my call. He explained that it’s difficult to get the paint into the uneven surfaces of the concrete look-alike-stone blocks.

I had a little relaxation after the call then decided to change the now-repaired inner tube back on my bike. All was going well until I came to pump up the tyre to discover there was another hole I’d not spotted. I fixed that hole and discovered yet another. That tube will have to go in the bin I think. At least the tyre is changed back so I’ll have to await the delivery of the Green Slime to make the tyres puncture-resistant.

Time moved on so I rode into Paleochora for a visit to Petrakis. I didn’t really need anything so I thought, however, ended up spending €20 as I remembered I needed nuts and other interesting berries too.

Bona, the cleaner, came in to look at T1’s mouldy shower so we had an interesting conversation about that. She plans to come in tomorrow to deal with the main bathrooms, toilets as well as the scummy shower in T1. Ursula has decided to take T3 so Bona is under no pressure.

Georgia called from Athens to ask me about the showers which I’d already discussed with Maria. So many calls and conversations about such small things. Maria finally called again to give me prices for Ursula. I was walking the dogs at the time.

So here we are again, another Saturday almost done and dusted. Oskar is snoozing on the floor by my chair, Isabella is busy chewing up the remains of a cardboard box and Obi is asleep on an adjacent blanket. The others are inside watching the news on Aljazeera (English language version as they’re not up for the Arabic channel). My supper is cooked so you know what comes next…


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