New punters!

There was a little reluctance on my part to leave my pit this morning however the Early Walk got me up and out and enjoying the morning. The Sweet Planet was glowing redly for a short while but was overcome by clouds: Jupiter and Saturn didn’t even have a look-in.

I needed to deal with a couple of IT tasks before heading off to ride to Krios and visit the bakery for the daily pastry for Tony. I met the German guy and his dogs. He was sitting peacefully enjoying the scenery as he waited for the irrigation system water the trees on the beach. Apparently, his chosen task is to care for these trees. I reinforced my relationship with his dogs with the assistance of a couple of [dog] biscuits I happened upon about my person. I left him in his contemplations and allowed myself to be pushed towards the bakery by the following wind.

I noticed the arrival of the couple who’d been at the camping the previous day so went down to welcome them back. They are still interested in visiting Gavdos but are aware of the potentially disruptive nature of adverse weather conditions. Later in the day, I had an interesting conversation with Oskar (Ratz) who I discovered programmed industrial systems before retirement. We were discussing my unorthodox lifestyle which he found most interesting.

Another couple with two small sons arrived and have paid for two nights and a washing machine session. Both parents speak good conversational English and they have two dogs, one recently found in a poor state and now adopted by them. They have adorned the restaurant area with a large amount of washing.

Other excitements included tea with Tony and Ursula following their excursion to Sklavopoula and Sarakina roughly along the route of my recent cycle ride. They are now out in Paleochora in search of evening sustenance.

The weather has been variable with one very brief shower from mostly cloudy skies. Rain is forecast for tomorrow which has delayed Georgia’s fertilizer-spreading plans however she has bought the bags which are now stacked ready for Xanthippos to distribute it around the camping.

The Evening Walk was rather later than usual and ended in total darkness. It was still light enough to negotiate the rocks to the enjoyment of all. My chair is taken up by a sleeping Isabella so I’m inside surrounded by comatose dogs. I’m hoping my supper will soon be ready.

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