Only two customers

The sound of rain on the roof greeted me as I awoke so I set a timer and went back to sleep. We finally went out nearer to 07:00 than 05:30 so a daylight not-so-Early Walk. We managed to complete our daily routine despite some liquid interference which lasted no more than seconds. We crossed the nice lady with her dog on the return and arrived back at the camping only just before the next downpour. I discovered later that the nice lady didn’t get wet as she could see what was coming.

During a break in the precipitation, I took my bike to the bakery for a quick pastry and was back just after the next downpour began. Showers were the order of the day from then on.

Zaher came to update me as to their plans announcing they would all go today. I told him how much they owed and collected the money a little later. They cleared away their stuff and Mohammed and Islam set off on foot for Paleochora carting their possession between them. They may have got wet as there was a shower soon after. Zaher was collected by a friend later. No more refugees…

The other customers left soon after although the older couple may return to spend the night. I explained there was no compulsion to leave immediately just that they’d owe another night if they stayed after dark.

The boiler technicians came to carry out more remedial activities on the boiler. I opened the door and left them to it as I’m pretty fed up with the entire affair and have better things to do.

More showers followed, the boiler guys disappeared leaving the location where the boiler is installed smelling strongly of diesel. The boiler is still not functioning but there is only me so I’ll turn on the electric heater when I want a shower. Ursula and Tony’s accommodation is served by solar water heaters which are electrically heated when there’s insufficient sunshine.

Ursula took Isabella and Fido for a lovely walk on the Promontory. I took my bike to Krios to close my rings then had a shower. We all adjourned to T3 for some tea and more of the flapjack. Fido settled down on the floor and eventually, Isabella made herself comfortable on my lap. Those days are numbered…

More showers were approaching and the dogs had a good walk this morning so we skipped forward to supper and are now inside with the heating on as it’s chilly outside.

The forecast is for more stable weather for the next few days so tomorrow should be business as usual but the nights will be a little chilly.


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