RIP Kirk Douglas @ 103!

It was a chilly night with an equally chilly morning. I even wore gloves! Despite keeping going on our walk, I was never too warm. The walk was disappointing in so much as I didn’t see any planets other than a brief glimpse of Mars. Soon the clouds covered the eastern sky but the sun’s light managed to find a way through.

What I should have been able to see at 06:00 today.

I’d planned to ride into Paleochora but it was too cold and windy to be going on a long ride so I contented myself with a quick trip to the bakery for a pastry for Tony which would contribute to my daily exercise regime. I’d decided a trip to Krios could wait until the day warmed up.

I wanted to empty the washing machine of the sheets I’d put in the previous day. There was too much to dry on my line which broke recently anyway. Later, I checked out the room, folded up the blankets and did a little superficial cleaning. As I promoted the idea of taking the refugees, I didn’t want any surprises for when the room was cleaned. I removed a couple of very unsanitary towels which will reappear as dog towels in the fullness of time. Otherwise, apart from some scummy stain on a wall which I removed, the room was in decent order. I left the windows open to air it out as there was some condensation.

The boiler is still not working as the guy didn’t come back as he’d said. I turned on the pump so the solar panels could heat the tank as it was a sunny day. I noticed the water temperature was over 50℃ as I rode out on my way to Krios but it had reduced to 40℃ by the time I came back. The pump runs continuously and could do with a thermostat to prevent it from pumping once the water in the storage tank is hotter than the tank on the roof. A pump controlled by a time clock is horribly primitive! I had a good shower anyway.z

Ursula took Fido and Isabella for a lovely walk over the Promontory and was still in possession of Isabella. I went down to have a cup of tea and some more flapjack in addition to some chocolate sponge which is the latest creation. We had a chat, Tony took Isabella for a walk on the beach and IZO came to visit just as we were leaving. He followed Isabella and I up when we left.

Luis is snoring loudly on the bench to my right as the dogs have now been fed. He, Fido and Skinny are inside. One of the dogs has the empty meat tin and Oskar and Charlie are also out there. Skinny is curled up next to me pretending to be a small dog. He does compress quite nicely.

Tomorrow is forecast to be warm and sunny like today which will be a good change from the recent rain and the temperature is set to rise during next week although there may be more rain on the horizon. It’s already 8℃ which is the same temperature as this morning but without the wind.

At least Dr Li was vindicated even though he paid with his life…


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