Little piglet

A full moon greeted us as we wandered towards the Promontory. It’s still early in the cycle so there are long shadows. I was able to put out my torch on the first lap. Jupiter was visible as was Mars which was waiting for me when I arrived. Mars rises as 04:15 and Jupiter 05:45 with Saturn about 30 minutes later. I didn’t get to see Saturn this morning.

After the walk, I rode to Paleochora with a quick trip up the mountain on the way. It’s a climb of nearly 200m so the view is worth it and it’s good exercise. Having completed that, I’d moved my circles on considerably so had only a small amount to complete my Move. With Ursula expecting to take Isabella in the afternoon, I could skip the evening walk. Some light shopping then back to the camping for breakfast and to read my mail before my weekly call.

Xanthippos was working on levelling the shower/WC cubicles which were moved a week or so ago so we’re a little nearer with that.

Antonis arrived at 11:58 to see about the frame for the solar panels. He says he’ll be back next Saturday to do the work. I won’t hold my breath…

The second part of my weekly call was interrupted by a support call from Inter Sport about their order database. I restored the previous day but it still didn’t work so I suggested they get someone who knows about databases.

Then a Cornishman and his wife arrived to check out the camping prior to a visit on Tuesday. They normally free-camp but have washing to do.

My call resumed and came to a close then Ursula returned from their trip out and took Isabella. I used the time for a shower and to tinker with the immersion heater on the water tank. It was heating the water over 60℃ which is excessive. I have it set to around 50℃ which I think is still excessive and could be less.

Ursula returned from her walk and reported the heron which Tony and I went to investigate.

We adjourned into their cabin with Isabella and finally, they went into Paleochora for a meal. I brought Isabella back with me via the water heater to turn off the power. I fed the dogs forgetting to take the tin of meat off the table. Luis was investigating the inside of the tin but his little piggy nose prevented him from hoovering up too much meat. He must be very happy – Little Piglet.

We’re inside, the heating is warming my legs and I’m going to pass the evening in gentle relaxation.


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