Chilly morning!

I was glad of my duvet in the night. Recently, I’ve been happy with a couple of blankets as the duvet was too much. It didn’t seem too cold when we went for the Early Walk but the temperature dropped to 5℃ whilst we were out. It was a clear, moonlit morning but Mars and Jupiter were visible, Saturn is only just ahead of the sun so is drowned out by the sun’s light.

I went off on my bike having settled the dogs and fed the cats. This morning’s ride took me up the mountain towards Sklavopoula but I didn’t have the time or enough battery to go all the way.

The road winding down the mountain from the highest point I climbed today.

My next stop was Krios where I met the German Guy and his dogs. I had very few biscuits about my person so the dogs were unlucky today. He showed me pictures of cormorants perched on a distant rock. His camera is very good and can take great pictures of things I could barely make out. I left for the bakery and headed back to the camping with an apple pie for Tony.

Much of my day has been taken up with work for Inter Sport and EG. Updating websites and messing with user profiles and sorting out an email addressing problem. Certainly not a lazy day for me!

Ursula took Isabella out for a walk on the Promontory as Xanthippos returned with Georgia’s dogs having come up against other dogs free in the Grammeno Beach car park. There are a couple of motorhomes parked up there. He took the dogs elsewhere but Isabella is fine with other dogs so not a problem for her.

I went for a very hot shower having left the pump running to bring down the hot water from the solar on the bathroom roof.

Ursula found time to make another chocolate sponge today and is at the moment preparing a Thai green curry which I’m very much looking forward to. Tony has helpfully taken the rubbish out. IZO was waiting patiently outside T3 as I emerged with Isabella to take her up to get her supper and to feed the others. There had been a doggy chorus for quite some while. There is a disruption in the Force due to some strange dogs which are connected to the motorhomes residing in the car park. We will surely see them in the morning during the Early Walk.

AlJazeera had been talking about the Irish Elections which appear to have resulted in a very close three-way tie. Their electoral system is different from England so it will be a while before the exact amount of seats allocated to each party is know.

The dogs are about to be left on their own while I go down to T3 to enjoy the forthcoming Thai Green Curry.

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