The return of the Finns

Warmer but a little bit of wind over the Promontory for the Early Walk. I was wearing no coat but didn’t feel cold although I kept the dogs walking briskly. There were a few drops of rain and some spatter from the waves. The clouds put paid to any planets and many of the stars however the moon struggled through.

I didn’t go anywhere first thing but folded up the last of the refugee sheets and returned them to the linen room. I got sidetracked by Xanthippos and also visited Manolis and Lisa who are getting on well with their new room. I inspected some of the construction techniques with a view to copying them for my own use. Xanthippos and I wandered around the site examining some of the jobs requiring attention. The pipe and cables leading to Georgia’s house have drooped which could be difficult if the large vehicle, destined to arrive tomorrow, has to come in that way. He’s talking of raising all of the cables although I pointed out that the two installed by me to carry the network are around one metre higher than most others so require attention.

The upshot of these distractions resulted in a later breakfast as hunger wasn’t driving me on. There were few interruptions so I was able to get on with some small IT jobs. Later, Xanthippos came for the keys to the washing machine room as Georgia seems incapable of remembering her set of keys. The heating guy was there to discuss the boiler and the various problems.

I rode my bike to Krios in a leisurely fashion and was joined for a short while by Xanthippos on his scooter as he informed me we would be fixing the sagging cable in the morning.

I went for a shower and returned to find a familiar Hymer motorhome parked at the top of the camping. Kirsti and Jorma have returned from their brief tour of the island to see friends and say they intend to stay at the camping for the next couple of weeks until they start their journey back to Finland via Italy, Austria and Germany. They met the nice Austrian lady who knitted my socks and hat during her stay at the camping last year. They met up with her at Koutsounari and suggested she might even come back to Grammeno. I suspect she won’t as I think she doesn’t like Grammeno very much.

The Cornish couple from Land’s End arrived about the same time and are down near the beach. They converted a VW van themselves and have a small dog. Their main reason to visit is for the washing machine so I’ve just been down to advise them the power will be out tomorrow from 09:00 until 15:00.

The roadworks are approaching from Kountoura and there was a lot of noise today as the garden walls of a neighbouring property were demolished as part of the project. I suspect the camping’s electrics are going to be moved as the front wall and entrance of the camping are due to be demolished in due course.

The Evening Walk took the long way around as it was getting late because I’d been chatting to the Cornish and didn’t wish to run into the guy feeding his sheep. I suspect he is only feeding them when the weather is cold as they were still in the same position when we came back.

Tony and Ursula are delayed at Athens for their ongoing flight with EasyJet back to GatPort AirWick. They had a long wait anyway but this has been extended by another two hours. I suspect Ursula is finding it difficult to keep Tony under control.

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