No electricity and low water pressure

I received a message from Georgia last night informing me there would be a scheduled power outage from 09:00 – 15:00 today. They were as good as their word as the power went off exactly at 09:00 and resumed at 15:00.

I’d put a load of washing in the machine for the Cornish couple around 07:30 to leave plenty of time for it to complete the cycle. It was stuck on the rinse when the power was cut so they didn’t get their washing back until around 15:30. I sent the machine through a rinse and spin cycle as I didn’t know how far it had gone before the power went off.

I didn’t have to help Xanthippos with the cable tightening job as he was able to do it on his own. I was eating my breakfast and the job was virtually finished when I arrived to help.

There was little real work during the day due to the lack of electricity. I took Isabella for a walk on the Promontory and cleaned out the drain of the washing basin as Kirsti wants to wash her dog’s bedding tomorrow.

I cycled to Paleochora to do some shopping and the Germans with the huge Monster Vehicle arrived and parked up in my absence. I think Xanthippos was in command at the time. They have been parked by the sliding gates to the beach as I understand we might have some customers during a holiday soon. The only one I can think of is Clean Monday which is a little while away.

Isabella is frustratedly cooling her heels in the SDC as she has slipped through the compound gate behind me several times today. It’s infuriating more than anything else so she needs to learn not to do it. Spending some time alone outside might allow her a little self-reflection and time for deep contemplation.

The Evening Walk was uneventful as all of the dogs were walked on the lead. Charlie and Obi disappeared to discover a delightfully decomposing sheep carcass in the sea this morning. I walked down with the others to discover Charlie barking frantically so that all should hear of his find. He’ll be fed up for the next couple of days as he won’t be coming off the lead in the morning or evening. Obi came straight back when I called him as if he’d been there simply as a bystander.

When I started to prepare my supper I discovered there was no water at the sink so went to investigate. There is water just that the pressure is low tonight. I have a pressure reducing valve on my water pipes to prevent the pressure from destroying all my hoses and accessories. If I wait long enough, water trickles through. I should imagine it’ll be back to bouncing off the ceiling again tomorrow. More work has been going on nearby with the water pipes and big machines so I’m not surprised there are water problems.

The warm weather has rewarded us with a lively insect population so if we don’t have any cold weather before the winter is out, the bugs will begin the season to a flying start.

Isabella is still fretting in the compound. How much longer should I leave her?


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