Little purple flowers

A carpet of little purple flowers has sprung up beneath the trees at the edge of Anoáki Beach – it’s very attractive.

The Early Walk was probably the calmest part of the day as Isabella was walking nicely and not trying to play with any of the other dogs or be too boisterous. The sinners today were Fido and Oskar who decided to explore the rotting carcass in the sea. As a result, they were confined to the SDC as they were smelly and likely to produce undesirable side-effects. We were back at the camping before the rain which was forecast for the evening. It rained only a short while at that point but had a couple of other attempts throughout the day. The forecast is for rain during the night hopefully before we go out for our walk in the morning.

Fido and Oskar were released when it started to rain later, only to be replaced by Isabella who again decided to run the gate. She will be placed on remand automatically tomorrow as I’m fed up with this behaviour which needs to stop.

There was one departure and two arrivals today. A German man is a self-converted VW van and a Swiss couple in another conversion. The German lady in the Monster Truck was up all night as she was seeing her husband off to Germany at the airport and collecting a rental car for the next couple of weeks. She finally returned to the camping around mid-morning.

I expended a fair bit of energy wandering around the camping which was good as it was raining when I’d considered riding my bike and too late by the afternoon. I was running around seeing to the departees, the Cornish Couple, and the arrivals. Xanthippos was working under Georgia’s supervision on the concrete slab to be poured next to the main bathrooms.

The work included closing the main bathrooms for a while which added to the confusion. To top it all, the supply to the camping was then cut off due to the work on the new road. Having informed everyone the bathroom was out of order I then had to tell them about the other stoppage.

All in all, I spent a lot of time on camping business and being nice to customers in between rain showers, unlocking doors, sorting out electricity for customers, providing cable reels etc etc. There was also maintenance work in progress to Georgia’s boat, Bella which required shouting and general noises off. I was wandering the camping leaving the dogs free to bark uncontrolled. Even I cannot be in two places at once!

The Evening Walk was a little soggy at the end and consisted of a simple march around the Promontory as I’m fed up with dogs sloping off to devour the Rotting Carcass but disinclined to go to remove same as it’s so far gone. Dogs are so revolting!

There was also some IT work which required my attention which I dealt with early morning as well as throughout the day.

I’m quite glad this day is drawing to a close. Luis is doing me a good turn by playing vigorously with Isabella which should hopefully wear both of them out.


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