Another busy Sunday

I nearly went out without a coat which would have been a mistake as the wind was stronger and colder than I expected. There were fewer clouds than yesterday so I was able to see (in order of appearance) Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The brightest of the bunch as Jupiter.

Only Luis and Isabella were allowed to go free as I don’t have a status update on the rotting carcass. Isabella was doing a good job at being a pain in the bottom as she seems incapable of leaving the others alone unless I keep her on a short leash. When I’m walking them I put Isabella on the opposite side unless I have them all with me when it’s not so easy to have six on one side.

The dogs went in whilst I disappeared off to Krios via a bit of mountain to keep things going in the Move Circle department. It was quite windy so a bit of a struggle.

I put on my breakfast having let the dogs outside to enjoy the sunshine. The Swiss couple were having their breakfast and announced they would be leaving. We had a chat about possible locations for their visits.

I had breakfast and got on with some IT tasks. One outstanding task being to get the application which manages the camping WiFi working again. The system will continue to work without the app just that there are no statistics and it’s not possible to upgrade the firmware.

Kirsti took Isabella for a walk and also gave me another pair of knitted socks. These are matching, unlike the previous pair which are unique. They are very nice but not so chunky and warm.

The afternoon disappeared and it was soon time for the Evening Walk. It was cold and windy although still sunny but we didn’t hang about. We walked and performed other important activities then returned for food and a little TV watching.

We’re inside now with the heater on and my supper is cooked.

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