Another brunch

At bedtime, I wandered down the camping in the hope of reacquiring Obi who’d failed to return from the Evening Walk. I stood for a few moments by the sliding gates to the beach and looked round to find Obi standing behind me. I’d brought a lead and he stood still as I clipped him on. We walked back to the compound where he was greeted enthusiastically by Isabella who was delighted to see him.

It was a good morning for looking at the planets as the moon is nearly at the end of its current phase. Jojo was out fishing to provide some entertainment for the dogs. Otherwise, the Early Walk was fairly uneventful except for the rather tardy return of Charlie who spent some while pottering around outside the gate in the field.

I planned to ride my bike later in the day so started to get my breakfast ready. I was interrupted by a message from Peter telling me he’d come off his bike on the way back from Paleochora the previous night. The front brake lever was damaged so stopping the wheel from turning. He decided to abandon the bike and walk back to the camping. He’d emptied his van so we set off to find his bike and bring it back. Machines were working near to the entrance of the camping and had scraped away the road leaving a steep drop which Peter decided to avoid. We parked the van in the camping and I said I’d walk the 2km to where he’d left the bike, fix the cable and ride it back.

I set off with a small tool set looking for the bike. No bike was to be seen so I sent a text to Peter and started to head back towards Grammeno. He set off on foot and met me so we could look together. He seemed unsure as to where the incident had taken place. Apparently, the power had failed on the bike but he decided to continue riding in the dark. A car passed at speed so he pulled over to the side of the road and ran into some rubble. We found the rubble location but no bike. We walked almost to Paleochora where I turned back as I could be of no further use.

Back at the camping, Georgia was talking to Xanthippos who was working on the new shading with his sidekick. I visited the new building to inspect the floor and to provide my opinion as to its progress. The concrete screed has not worked out as well as had been hoped but the painting operation over the weekend appears to have been more successful. There was a woodburning stove in the back of Georgia’s pickup together with some chimney. Xanthippos and I agreed that the chimney was made from very thin metal so unlikely to last very long. I managed to escape to let out the dogs who’d been inside the van since 07:30. It was not nearly 12:00.

A text arrived from Peter to say that his bike had been picked up by a man with a van and was now in the police station. He was lucky that an honest citizen had done the right thing especially as Peter had not removed the battery pack which is a significantly valuable part of the bike.

I had my breakfast followed by a little sleep brought on by all the walking. I must confess that the remainder of the day was unproductive other than repairing my glassed which Isabella had modified the previous day.

It was soon time for the Evening Walk where only Luis, Oskar and Isabella were free as all the others have been recent sinners. The guy was feeding his sheep as we walked back so we came in via the camping main entrance rather than cut across the field. I was shocked to see flashing lights and netting to mark the location of the machines parked at the side of the road. Usually, they are simply abandoned with no warning lights or barriers. In any event, the rood is so bad no one can drive fast enough to come to much harm.

I still feel a little tired so need to find something to eat before I fall asleep.

Jupiter and the moon. No hope for Mars or Saturn as they are too small for the camera.


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