Laser level!

The moon managed to peek through a gap in the clouds but that was about it for the morning’s star-gazing. It was cloudy and cooler with some wind from the southwest.: always the harbinger of ‘weather’ on the way. The forecast is for some showers over the next couple of days but the amount of precipitation is minimal. The Walk was otherwise uneventful other than the appearance of JoJo fishing from the rock. We returned and I got on with some jobs opting to take my other exercise later in the day.

It was pleasantly warm for most of the morning so I was able to get on with some tasks and enjoy the sunshine too. There were noises off as Xanthippos and his gang worked away at the new shading over the rocky parts of the area to the north of me.

The Finns went off to Chania for some retail therapy, good luck with that in Chania! They had a little difficulty negotiating the new ramp out of the camping onto the road and the towing bracket of their van picked up a water pipe. I grabbed the pipe and they were able to escape from the camping. They said they’d move to the spot at the top of the camping as the barking dogs are disturbing their beauty sleep. They’d rather the racket of the roadworks during the daytime than the dogs during the night. I suggested they might consider a location in the lee of the kitchen which has some sunshine and a wonderful view of the workshop and the Grammeno Ferarri!

I busied myself sorting out the February accounts for Georgia as I said the money would be ready for her next visit to the camping. It’s possible I may have lost concentration once I’d finished.

I hung on until the Finns returned before going for a bike ride. We reversed their van into the camping having removed the water pipe from harm’s way. I trimmed some of the trees adjacent to their revised location and discreetly disposed of the evidence so as to avoid any disturbance to the Force.

The new van location for the Finns. A Mercedes Hymer no less! Somewhat younger and larger than mine

I took my bike to Krios getting slightly damp on the way. I then dealt with some outstanding lighting problems around the camping. Some lights go off when it rains, some come on too early and some too late. Some not at all. I can report that I’ve trimmed the trees near to the lamp standards so that waving branches don’t dislodge the globe and smash the lamps. Two globes were missing which explains why the fuse keeps tripping. I’m still unsure as to why the entrance lights keep tripping the fuse.

It was time to walk the dogs so we set off under a very grey and threatening sky. There was some slight precipitation however we were mostly dry by the time we were back at the camping. Showers are going to be the trend for a while. The door to the workshop alerted me to an intruder which turned out to be Xanthippos who was checking the laser level (!!) was not left out in the rain. He told me he was on his way home when he remembered the level and wished to be sure it had been put away. He came all the way back just to check. It’s a valuable item however I’m not certain it’s helping much.

Look carefully at the alignment of the uprights.
Look carefully at the alignment of the uprights.

Some rain has fallen on the roof so the showers have begun. I must get something to eat or it’ll be bedtime!

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