There was only a very small amount of precipitation on the Early Walk despite the forecast which warned of showers. There were some clouds but I was still able to see the last section of moon with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in attendance. There was thunder and lightning last night accompanied by a brief hail storm. This slightly impacted my viewing due to the racket from both. Fortunately, it was over quite quickly which reduced the inconvenience.

After a cup of tea, I set off for Paleochora to visit the supermarket as I’d received a message from Yannis that my bulk order of ginger had arrived. I use quite a bit of ginger with my breakfast and have been struggling to find any at all. Ursula kindly brought me some when she and Tony visited recently. The supermarket usually sells 50gm bags or 40gm packs for €2 each. I asked for 1.5kg which cost €10 which only goes to show what a ripoff the smaller packs are. A 40gm pack of ginger for €2 gives a price of €50 per kilo!! I had both bags on my bike so was able to do quite a bit of shopping. The wind was with me on the return journey however the road is still very bad once off the new tarmac covered section.

There was low water pressure when I was making my breakfast so I filled up the kettle in case the water went off. Luckily I did as it went off shortly after. Pressure reductions and cuts will be with us until the new pipes have been installed everywhere.

I dedicated the day to progressing all the connections to my batteries now that Antonis is likely to install my solar panels. I feel a little stiff from kneeling and sitting whilst cutting, measuring and soldering all of the connecting wires. Although it was windy during the day, it was warm and sunny so I even had to remove some garments!

I was all set to take the dogs out when Xanthippos arrived to say he was late taking Georgia’s dogs out and could I wait twenty minutes whilst he walked them. He was as good as his word so we were able to go out a little later. I didn’t intend letting them off as Oskar joined the sinner’s club by absenting himself this morning to gnaw on the remains of the RC on the seashore. Isabella joined him having run the gate first thing which wasn’t such a good idea as I was already annoyed due to Oskar’s disappearance.

Peter spent a couple of hours last night waiting for someone to open up the police station so he could claim his bike. No one came so he returned to Grammeno. There is an event in Paleochora over the weekend so he plans to try again.

I’m surrounded by sleeping dogs and I think my supper is ready.

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