New walk technique

We all set out for the Ealy Walk however I returned after two laps and left all but Skinny, Obi and Isabella inside the van. It’s not the first time I’ve used this procedure but then circumstances were different. Skinny has not been one of Isabella’s greatest fans since she arrived at the end of November, even when most of the others had accepted her. It was good to see Skinny playing with Isabella whilst out on the walk. Isabella doesn’t understand that she is bigger and heavier than the other dogs and so her bounciness is not always welcomed. Now that Skinny had also changed his feelings towards her, she has someone of similar age, weight and size to play with. We’ll use the same technique tomorrow to see how things go.

Having fed the cats, I set off on my bike as the weather forecast threatened showers for later in the day. I went as far as the cemetery before heading back towards Krios. After my ride, I went for a shower before preparing my breakfast. There was a pause after breakfast and then it was time for my weekly call home.

It was nearly 14:30 so I got on with my battery bank connections which took me until it was time for the Evening Walk. It became progressively colder as the afternoon passed. Yesterday, I was removing garments, today I was adding them. I even changed my socks for my special Finnish unique thick socks before leaving for the walk.

I’m pleased to announce that Peter’s bike is back at Grammeno although I don’t know the details.

I’ve just seen a news report about Ryanair and their owner Michael O’Leary’s comments about Muslim Men being more likely to be terrorists. O’Leary’s diplomacy course was not altogether effective.

My supper is a little delayed as I pressed the yoghurt button and not the pressure cook button and didn’t discover this until later on. I’ve just heard it go beep so the pressure valve will soon open so I can eat.

It’s 11℃ outside with a report of extreme cold conditions tonight. The wind is still blowing and the heater is on. There’s another thunderstorm to the south but I expect this should pass harmlessly by.


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