Limited enthusiasm

It was with limited enthusiasm that I arose from my bed to walk the dogs. There was a brief shower as I was getting the dogs ready to leave. The wind was blowing hard as we walked behind the bushes in the field so I wasn’t surprised when we were virtually blown down the road towards the Promontory. We did our two circuits and went back to the van arriving just as it began to rain. I put the dogs in the van and made some tea whilst watching the news. The rain stopped so I let the sleeping dogs lie to take Isabella out for more exercise as I suspected she’d not done enough. She was reluctant to come with me and I soon found out why. We were halfway across the fiend when gentle rain started to fall. We got a little soggy as we shifted from one sheltered spot to another as we progressed up the Promontory. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the rain was falling so we were graced by a lovely rainbow. We wandered back towards the camping across the beach where IZO was waiting to entertain Isabella. They played on the beach for a while and then I took Isabella and left.

More rain fell and the wind blew even harder. The dogs were all inside so I made more tea and watched the news. It began to warm up outside as I put my breakfast in the Pot. I fed the cats and ate breakfast. Georgia phoned to say 110 plastic chairs would be delivered so we deliberated as to where to put them. I opened a couple of the bedrooms by reception and returned later to talk to Georgia just as the delivery truck was leaving. I mentioned the money in the drawer and the fact the boiler wasn’t working AGAIN. She called the installer who turned up soon after. We trooped down to the laundry room and let him in. It was merely a question of resetting the boiler which I could easily have done. Dragging him out on a Sunday with Georgia on site was more rewarding and she made it abundantly clear that he was to replace the boiler with a new one or give her the money back. He made lots of fatuous excuses, got in his van and left.

We checked out the room conversion where the floor has now received one coat of paint following the abortive effort to make it smooth. Strangely, right from the outset, I suggested the cheapest solution was to simply paint the floor however this was ignored. I excused myself and went back to the dogs.

Peter and I investigated the sudden electical failure of his bicycle to discover a disconnected cable connector near the handlebars. I modified the bent front brake lever and we swapped the cables over so that the front brake was on the righthand lever as in the UK. I suggested he might repace the damaged lefthand lever in due course.

Time was now moving on so I took my bike to Krios to burn some energy then went for a nice, hot shower. Next was the Evening Walk which was kept as short as possible due to the chilly conditions. It was otherwise fine but blustery and cold.

I fed the dogs and was preparing my supper when the phone rang. A customer had booked online and was standing at the camping entrance. I grabbed my pot of keys and walked up to reception. The couple have now been given a tour of the camping and left to their own devices. Apparently, they were planning to sleep in their tent at Elafonissi – in February!!

The wind should hopefully moderate during the night so tomorrow should be calmer and perhaps even warmer!


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