Door open!

At bedtime, I went to the loo, to put cleaner down it amongst other things, and met Peter who’d just fallen over one of the branches left by the GGCM earlier in the day. I had warned him the camping was strewn with branches but he found one to fall over anyway. He seemed quite relaxed, his speech was slurred and he admitted to not putting on his torch. All contributory factors.

Yes, the van door was open all night long! The first time this year it has been open all night. I sat inside to write my blog last night but could just as well have stayed outside as it wasn’t cold. I didn’t even wear a coat.

The Early Walk was pleasant and followed a similar pattern to the previous day except we actually met JoJo as Skinny, Isabella and I walked over the rocks. Isabella wasn’t on the lead so went bounding up to make a fuss of JoJo who reciprocated. We chatted briefly before continuing back to the camping.

The earthmoving machines are roaring away in the background and started up just before 08:00 much to the delight of the people in the adjacent houses. I’m off to Paleochora in a few moments as I want some bananas amongst other things.

Paleochora and Petrakis seemed quiet. I visited the hardware store first to buy a 12mm drill bit, some cable ties and a new washing line. There was something else but I couldn’t remember what it was… The nice lady tried to charge me €4.90 and looked perturbed when I queried the amount to suggest she recalculated it. The true amount was €9.90. I know she gives me discount but that’s ridiculous.

Petrakis was the next stop where I carried out my shopping before riding back to Grammeno. The wind was behind me on the way back so it was slightly easier. The road around the Grammeno area is very poor and I’m wondering when they plan to demolish the boundary wall of the camping.

Alex was collecting up the branches cut from the trees the day before. He was happy to see me so that he could get into the workshop to pump up the tyre on the Ferarri as it’s completely knackered and needs replacing. Alex has collected up and burned the branches and the place looks more reasonable. Janne and Erica should be arriving tonight or early in the morning as I think they’ve missed the connection in Athens due to a late departure from Stockholm.

I wandered down the camping to collect money from Monster Truck Lady who was enjoying the sunshine on the beach. We had a chat and I went down to the sea for a paddle before going back to cut my hair as it was hanging around my knees! The pruning event was followed by a lovely, hot shower and then it was time to take the doggies for the Evening Walk.

It has been a glorious, sunny, windless day with blue skies and a high of 21.2℃ which is warm for February. Other than that the day has been quiet except for a couple of support events. The washing line didn’t quite get changed but I feel certain it will before too long. The old one is rotten and could fail at any time.

A pocket full of posies


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