Indignant Georgia

Janne and Erica arrived silently in the Early Hours. A delay from Stockholm made the connection to Crete impossible as there was only a forty-five-minute window in any case. Aegean Airways were very good and have offered them a free flight for their next visit! Not a sound was heard from any dog even though Obi and Isabella were outside and free to roam. The others were in with me and the door was shut.

It was a cloudy Early Walk which went almost according to plan except that I forgot to hang onto Skinny to put him on the lead as soon as he came out of the van. Instead, he immediately jumped the fence and was gone. It was much easier without him…

He hove into sight when Isabella, Obi and I were returning from a vigorous walk over the rocks. In the absence of Skinny, Obi was the recipient of all of Isabella’s attentions so there was plenty of yapping and playfull bouncing about. We sat for a few moments on Alonáki Beach to watch the waves and Skinny come close enough not to be reacquired. He was, however, standing by the gate when I went out to feed the cats. He came towards me and we went inside. As usual, he’s spent the day on his line.

There was no news playing when I returned from another shopping excursion to Paleochora. I needed some heavier items which would have been too much yesterday.

Investigating the lack of Internet took me to the office where there was a connection but no telephone or Internet access. I reset the connection but to no avail. There was the December telephone bill on the desk.

Janne and Erica were up and about quite early considering they lost an hour and went to bed late. We chatted, discussed the cat and dog situation and the welfare of their personal moggy. After a support call with Louise, I messaged Maria to tell her of the lack of telephones and Internet. A while later, Georgia called to say that T1-3 are taken for the weekend and indignantly said that the phone bill had been paid and that the fault was [most likely] as a result of the roadworks. Meanwhile, Maria sent an email to say the bill had been paid to which I commented on the bill on the office desk and a previous occasion when the phone bill had not been paid.

Much of the remainder of the day was taken up with conversations with Janne and Erica and updating the customers about the Internet situation. The previous time the phone lines had been accidentally dug up, we were without service for around five days. If the fibre has been damaged, this may require replacement and a specialist technician and equipment to splice it…

I managed a little IT work via my phone which still has 4G connection and I can connect my laptop to it and get to the Internet that way. I don’t have a huge 4G bundle so need to be sparing to avoid paying to buy more Internet access.

The Evening Walk was warm, windless and pleasant with few people about. We wandered around aimlessly before returning to the camping.

As a result of all the chatting and other activities this morning, I had a snack as it was too late for breakfast or brunch. I decided to go for the evening meal as I’d soaked a load of beans the day before. It’s sitting in the Pot and will soon be ready as I am quite looking forward to it.

The lack of Internet access will mean the weather websites will not be updated in case anyone is wondering.

A-tishoo! A-tishoo!


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