Wild night out

We’ve returned from a wild night in Paleochora! There is a carnival tomorrow so the streets were thronging with people. Well, almost…

We had a very pleasant meal in a restaurant we’ve visited previously in a location near the port. We were the first customers of the season so they were pleased to see us. We had the table closest to the log burner so we’re nicely warm. Other English speakers appeared as the evening progressed and we seemed to be surrounded by them. I think Peter and I kept Janne and Erica amused. Peter with his Scottish joke. We were back after 22:00 so it’s all been a little scary. But then it’s Friday night after all.

I let the dogs out for a while as I left them watching StarWars. I normally leave them with Al Jazeera but without the Internet it’s not an option. They’re all inside and occupying their usual places. I’ve retired to my boudoir to write this.

Other than the usual walks and a trip to the post office in Paleochora, the day had been rather uneventful. I spent time working on my Raspberry Pi as one of the packets at the post office was my Amazon order with a USB hub for the Pi. The Pi’s not got a huge power supply so needs a powered hub if there are several accessories. Anyway, the Pi now seems to play video without dropping out all the time so the hub seems to have done the trick.

Work continues with the new showers. Xanthippos was extremely impressed when I wandered over on my way to the main bathrooms and asked him if they were ready yet. I had my towel and soap in my hand. He was on the phone so unable to properly express his delight at my frivolity.

The weather was mostly warm and, except for a light shower when I took the dogs for an early Evening Walk, the day has been fine. It’s getting a little windy right now but probably nothing like the U.K. will be when storm Jorge arrives tomorrow.

There is some rain forecast for tonight but it may amount to nothing.

I might have to go to sleep!


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