Lazy Sunday

There was a wonderfully clear sky as we marched towards the Promontory. I could see Mars, Jupiter which was shining brightly and Saturn. The moon is not around in the morning at this time. The walk was conducted differently today, a kind of fusion of other techniques. I wanted the dogs to be tired as there are more people on the camping at present. The visitors are a group of three families who come several times during the season.

We were back in the camping by 07:30 so I put the dogs in, fed the cats and then took my bike to Krios. It was a beautiful morning so I really should have gone further than just 10km. On my return, I went for a shower seeing as it’s Sunday. The day was warming up as I wandered back to the compound.

I prepared my breakfast then checked my emails and backups as the backups had been ignored during the times when there was no Internet access. I went to see Kirsti and Jorma after breakfast, we had a chat and they gave me a very nice knife all the way from Lapland, complete with Aurora Borealis and reindeer! I’ll post a picture tomorrow. They are off in the morning and needed to know if they owed any money for their stay. As it turns out, I shall be refunding them!

Georgia came for the keys as her set is in her residence, she was nicely dressed so didn’t fancy running the gauntlet of her dogs. She said we’d be eating in an hour or so and we should come along to the New Room. In the meantime, I got on with weighing the dogs as I will be starting their medication this evening. I can confirm that Skinny is the heaviest at 17.4kg with Isabella as runnerup at 3kg behind him. The lightest dog is Fido at 7.3kg. They have their medication for thirty days three times each year to protect them from Leismenisis.

I went over with Janne and Erica to the nosh in the New Room. The wood burner has been installed and is working. There is a stack of logs outside. Today is the last day for Orthodox Greeks to eat meat so the table was laden with dead animals. Janne, Erica and I contented ourselves with dead vegetables.

We left around 16:00 so I did a few small jobs before taking out the dogs. I went later than usual as I expected to see plenty of people on a Sunny, Holiday Sunday. We met up with a Greek guy with a puppy and chatted to him for a while. It was chilly due to the wind and the sun was setting. It was a great walk anyway.

The dogs are fed and medicated and I don’t have to cook anything although I’ll probably have a small something.

The Lurgy continues to dominate Al Jazeera news together with the Syrian refugees leaving Turkey for Europe mainly via Greece and Bulgaria. Things are not good in Tehran due to The Lurgy but I feel it will only be a matter of time before it gets to Syria and Sub-Saharan Africa and it will really kick-off.


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