Hop-a-long II the revenge

I watched the remainder of the film ‘Call Me By Your Name’ so was later to bed than usual. It was one of the set which Erica wished me to transfer for her so I thought I’d give it a go. I enjoyed it and it was worth a couple of hours of my life.

We were out at the usual time and there were no mangled kites or lines as I’d expected however there is a dictate from on high about attending mass gatherings and keeping away from likely carriers of The Lurgy. Which is why the Paleochora carnival, although officially banned, had to carry on in a series of disjointed unofficial groups. They’d prepared for the event, the children were all dressed up, so it happened without official authorisation and without police attendance although I feel sure the ambulance service hung around anyway.

I took all the dogs around twice, deposited all bar Skinny, Obi and Isabella then went out for a couple more circuits. I mistakenly let Obi go as I hoped he might play with Isabella a little. Instead, he simply went off to JoJo’s rock looking for fish then was to be found later with IZO in the camping reacquired by Peter. That left Isabella and Skinny to play in their usual lively way. Skinny was on two leads joined together so had more freedom to play. Letting Skinny off usually results in a disappearance however he manages to come back sooner rather than later, whereas Obi… Skinny and Isabella decided they wanted to fool about and run at the same time. Anything which wears them out is good as far as I’m concerned. We were heading down towards the Big Beach which is sandy with a few small stones. For whatever reason, I lost contact with the ground and headed towards the sand, my right knee striking the only large stone in a 1,000km radius. It was painful but I eventually picked myself up and took the dogs back to the camping.

I attempted to reacquire Obi before heading off to Petrakis as tomorrow is forecast to be showery. I’d not stopped moving so was walking fairly well despite my knee. My bike took me to Petrakis and back, I prepared some breakfast then sat in my chair. This was the flaw in the plan. In the CCTV camera, I could see Obi was with IZO so asked Peter to grab him whilst I walked down with a lead to bring him back. It was then that I discovered my leg was seizing up. Peter was about to go off for a few days to research his film script so was in the process of packing his van. I walked back with Obi then returned with my phone which has all the customer accounts as Peter wanted to pay.

After breakfast, I needed to walk around but was finding it increasingly difficult. I wandered slowly down to the bar as I could see there was something going on and the cameras were offline. Slowly was the order of the day! I returned via the Central Kitchen where I took a cold block from the freezer. At this point in time, I was unable to sit comfortably in any position. The cool did the trick so I was able to go out for another small wander later. I didn’t think there would be much chance of an Evening Walk today. I joined Erica and Janne for tea and a chat. They wanted to pay their camping electricity bill so I’d read the meters earlier. We discovered that the quoted price of €0.19/kwH on the Internet was the unit price as Georgia put us right when she came to give me a key to the New Room. This is the price without VAT and local community taxes which are collected via the bill. Janne paid and Georgia immediately passed on the money to the chaps who’d been working all day in the camping.

I decided to take the dogs out so we enjoyed a slightly shorter Promontory wander than usual buffeted by a persistent easterly wind. They were very noisy when I was taking tea with Erica and Janne not helped by unknown workers clattering about by the fence and a visit from Georgia who was looking for me. The presence of the cleaner’s dogs might not have been than useful either. She arrives with the full family and pets which are free to roam the camping at will. The dogs are quiet now having been fed and watered. We’re sitting outside as it’s still a little light and the wind isn’t blowing into the tent door only flapping the material.

Georgia explained the floor in the bar had rotted due to being lower than the surrounding sand. It was made of boards set on pallets laid onto the sand. It now requires replacing with concrete and a new floor covering. Do it once and do it right or simply bodge it and scarper.

I’ve not yet decided what I will eat tonight…

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