Busy day

I was dressed when it started to rain so I lay back on my bed until it stopped. It started again as we went out but I ignored it and told the dogs it wasn’t raining. They were enthusiastic to come back to the van so I did one trip around with all then went out with Obi, Skinny and Isabella who concentrated most of her efforts at annoying Obi. We eventually came back as the sky darkened, however, I went out on my bike up towards Sklavopoula. My knee was feeling much better today but I was still not up for putting much pressure on it. The wind was from the southeast which pushed me up the mountain in quick time. I needed to pedal at some points on the way down as it was so strong. The sky was even darker so I turned back and headed for Grammeno. There was light rain but I was only a little soggy around the edges when I got back.

The day started with the discovery that I couldn’t see any computers at Inter Sport in Lewes. I sent a message to Richard to warn him of the problem and waited for the phone to ring when they came to open up. My breakfast was in the Pot which is where I left it until I got them up and running again. Ray, the chief technician, was delighted to climb the tall ladder to access the network cabinet above the changing cubicle. I don’t know what he did but everything started working.

Janne brought me his laptops, new and old, to install some programs and transfer data between them. The day then turned into a series of support requests most of which were not quick to deal with. I’ll try to finish the laptops tomorrow.

Between calls and everything else, I could see a large smelly truck delivering concrete to replace the bar floor. It then came up this direction to deposit concrete elsewhere. There was plenty of activity in the camping today.

It was soon time to take the dogs so we set off around five so I was able to feed them in daylight for a change. I’d had enough by then so was not up for more computer stuff.

Janne and Erica returned from Chania so I gave back the laptops. Tomorrow is Erica’s birthday so they’re off out to breakfast and then to spend the day out somewhere. Good for me as I can be more relaxed with the dogs. There is now only one customer in the camping which is even better. She’s out most of the day anyway.

I’m going to fall into a heap and have something to eat. Yesterday evening I got a call from Georgia who was in the New Room. I mentioned it might rain during the night so she asked me to wake her, regardless of hour, if it did. I suggested we might go down to the bar to cover the bar furniture with polythene as I wasn’t up for being dragged out of bed at 03:00. 05:15 is quite early enough. Our efforts were not wasted as it did rain but not very much.


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