Those laptops again

The forecast was for rain but none came despite the clouds blocking the stars. All went twice round then the other three came out again. It was looking a little grey but I went to Krios on a route which took me up the mountain and along the top.

Georgia was sitting with her two strimmer technicians and called me over as I went to pick up Janne’s laptops. She tells me they’ve discovered the carob trees have become infested with a little white grub which eventually kills the trees. There are lots of carobs at the northern end of the camping so action is required. There is only one customer at present and she is by the sea meaning the remainder of the camping can be cordoned off whilst the spray does its work. Apparently, it’s not toxic to the cats hopefully.

Much of the remainder of the day was taken up with transferring emails from Janne’s old laptop. Not made easy as Windows Live Mail is not the easiest to work with.

The rain which might have fallen this morning came in the afternoon. Janne and Erica were out walking but said they remained dry. It was raining here for about thirty minutes sometimes quite hard. There was even some hail which I heard clattering on the roof. Otherwise, the weather was quite warm and sunny.

The Turks are giving Syrian and other refugees inflatable boats and have deployed special police to push the refugees towards Greece. The Greek coastguard is endeavouring to intercept the stream of migrants being accused of bully tactics to turn the migrants back towards Turkey. Meanwhile, Turkish forces are destroying Russian-backed Syrian [rebel] forces pushing more refugees into Turkey to the east and north. The migrants are stuck in the middle whilst the politicians talk. Once the refugees inevitably catch The Lurgy, the situation will become even more complicated.

Most of the dogs are in with me. Luis diligently licks his front paws under my left elbow. Charlie is out for the count opposite Oskar and Fido who share the opposite seat. Skinny is curled up in the corner opposite Luis who has a momentary pause from his licking. Putin and Erdogan are spouting rubbish on the TV.


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