Infestation control

No wind and quite mild when we went out into the field. The second wave had a less relaxing time as Isabella was full of energy. It was worth it because she remained reasonably quiet for the remainder of the day.

I went on a cycle ride which started out to be to Krios and back via the mountains but turned into an hour-long ride up the mountain towards Sklavopoula. I’d intended to go a far as the cemetery but seemed to just keep going. It was sunny and clear so the views were worth it. I lost track of time which is why I was out for nearly an hour. It was a good run and a great start to the day. I’d planned to do some washing but that may have to wait until another day.

The strimmer technicians were ready to spray the carob trees against the nasty larvae. The treated trees are now cordoned off with plastic stripy tape. I needed to try to marshall the cats which is akin to herding them. I wanted to talk to Janne about this laptop which I hoped would bring the cats over to his area well away from the spraying. The chemicals target the larvae but are not good for other animals either. I’m making sure the dogs don’t go into the camping and hopefully, the cats will stay out of the trees for a while. It will probably rain on Sunday which will wash away the surplus into the ground.

Much of the afternoon was spent with Janne drinking tea and playing with his laptop. The cats appeared including their mother and the pregnant female from across the road. It was difficult to find a chair and the chances of any chair being free when you returned were limited. Lucky Janne and Erica are here! They have decided to leave tomorrow afternoon as their flight is early on Sunday morning.

Our Evening Walk was virtually unimpeded other than a man taking photographs with a long lens. It was warm and sunny although there were some clouds floating around. The temperature almost made it to 20℃ but the clouds cooled things down. It’s likely to rain in the night from Sunday to Monday.


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