Loafing in my pit

Rain was falling throughout the night with some 20mm by dawn. It was too wet and thundery to take the dogs out so I contented myself with a lie-in. I dragged myself out around 07:30, the time I’ve usually come back after the second walk. It was still raining so I made some tea and checked my emails. The rain finally stopped so we all went out for three circuits of the Promontory. The sky looked very grey to the east but the approaching weather from the west was much more appealing. There is some sun to dry out the decking which is currently occupied by Oskar and Obi.

A thunderstorm is making its way westward along the island and I can see further lightning activity out to the east. There have been showers all day but I managed to get in a bike ride around 16:30 even though the sky was full of grey and black clouds. It was hard work outbound as the wind was from the northwest however it made up for it on the return.

The day has been a lot shorter due to the later start however we’ve managed to catch up with an extra circuit of the Promontory on the evening walk. The first group, which don’t usually walk so far, have been further than usual as they did three laps this morning and two this evening. They’ve not done a lot during the day as it was reasonably warm with the tent door closed and I was doing a little more work on my battery bank whilst they slept.

There is quite a strong wind still as we’ve just returned from the Evening Walk which was cool and blustery as well as being longer than usual. I need to go for a shower once I’ve put some food in the pot as I turned on the water heater earlier as the dreaded boiler had stopped working. I was walking past and noticed the water temperature was under 40℃ which would not be the case if the boiler was working. I’m not sure I can be bothered to tell Georgia for now.

There have been a number of support calls, some from Janne and one from Inter Sport. Apparently, Inter Sport’s kettle tends to blow the fuses which sends all the IT equipment into a frenzy as the computers reboot. I was out with the dogs at the time of the call but it was working again by the time we got back.

Better get that shower before it’s dark and colder.

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