Rain stopped play

At 04:55 today it started to rain so I set a timer, consulted the weather forecast then went back to sleep. It was sometime later that we left for the Early Walk. It was not entirely dry even then however we managed two circuits with everyone and a further one with Skinny and Isabella until rain stopped play and we retired to the pavilion.

It was raining quite hard, I was damp and it was thoroughly uninviting outside so I adjourned inside for some tea and laptop. The news was on which helped to drown out the sound of rain outside. Eventually, the rain stopped so I was able to feed the cats and set off for the post office with the docket I’d discovered in a soggy mess at the bottom of the mailbox the previous day.

Due to the rain, the road was even more of a nightmare than usual having been turned into a sea of mud. Something akin to the Somme in 1916. I dodged the potholes full of water and eventually made it to the post office where I was virtually alone. The restricted opening times appear to have ceased so we’re back to 07:45. – 14:24 Mon-Fri. Much more sensible. I was served quickly and efficiently so continued on my way to Petrakis as I needed bananas amongst other things. I wasn’t long as the sky was forbidding so I wanted to get back. The return was as horrid as the outbound but I made it back before the next downpour.

After breakfast, I got on with my battery bank as I’d neglected it recently. All of the cell balancers are now working and the bulk of the soldering and connecting has been completed. I checked the connections and everything appears to be in order. I shall leave it disconnected from the power tonight to let the cell balancers do their work. The cells (individual batteries) are reasonably balanced anyway so it shouldn’t take long. I intend to carry on tomorrow and hopefully get it nearly finished. All I need now is some solar panels put onto the roof. There was talk of a metal delivery a while ago but none has materialised so far. Antonis appears to be in a trance!

Other than a couple of support emails from Inter Sport and several phone calls from Janne regarding his new laptop set up, the day has been quiet. The rain dried up and the sun took its place. There was little wind but a few clouds. Hopefully, tomorrow will be warmer and drier however there may be more showers to come.

The Evening Walk was a repeat of yesterday’s with two circuits of the Promontory for all in order to make up for the shortfall this morning and for me to close my Move Ring.

There is spinach and rice for supper which will be a whole lot nicer if I wash the spinach and put it, together with the rice, into the Pot.


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